Welcome to Epicwargaming.com Weary Traveller

Rest up easy from all that clicking or tapping, you’ve made it to home of the old world fantasy print and play tabletop Wargame Three Plains, which is all FREE, (well… nearly all free barring the Siege Models).

On this site you will be able to find all the rules and models necessary to play a game of Three Plains. Just look on your right and it’s all there in that Column.

If you are still here, I should tell you site’s server died (Gordon may you rest in peace), which completely destroyed this site. So everything needs to be rebuilt and re-uploaded from scratch. So please be patient and keep on popping back to get the rules and models you’re waiting for.

Well that’s about it really. Enjoy Three Plains and please consider becoming a Patron of Epicwargaming.com if you want to support me creating this game. every little bit helps. I’m going to have a shower now, as I feel dirty after that little bit of E-begging 😉