21 New Magic Items for Three Plains

If you have any ideas for new magic items or new rules for them, or just think the odd one is to over powered then have your say here please.
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Re: 21 New Magic Items for Three Plains

Post by Dave » Fri Aug 26, 2011 9:17 am

TristanSykes1994 wrote:Dave, had an idea for a new magic item, the circlet of summoning, it would cost 145pts and would allow characters to summon magic items they wanted, however there is a limit of 145pts for summoning and each item summoned deducts from the limit, so summoning an item such as the book of yarn would minus 50pts from the limit, meaning the next item must be under 95pts if they want to summon it. Other limits are that an item can only b summoned once and only one summoned item may be held at a time so characters cannot summon a potion of flight one turn and save it until next turn to summon a powerful weapon to use as this would get rid of the potion, so 145pt limit, one summon per turn, may only hold 1 summoned item and summoning reduces points for next summon. Any questions?
Its good one, but I do think its too good as it stands, as the character who carried it would be need invisible, as he could just summon up any array of items for any given station.

Maybe it could be a sword instead, called the Morphin Sword, which could morph into any other magic sword up to a limit of 150pts and it would cost 80pts. However, the more powerful or costly in pts it is it would be harder for the sword to morph to and keep that form. so for instance:

On D6
59pts and less would all be free to morph into.

If the roll failed the sword would fail morph and instead just be used as a normal sword for that turn.

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