The 60 New Magic Items

If you have any ideas for new magic items or new rules for them, or just think the odd one is to over powered then have your say here please.
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The 60 New Magic Items

Post by Dave » Fri Jun 15, 2012 9:14 am

Hi guys,

Because there is cap of 6000 characters in each post, which I only found out about last night (as I reached it), I have to divine the magic items and put them within their own thread.

So go on worker on them or too make suggestions, please use the old original thread 'Lets Create 60 More New Magic Items' at viewtopic.php?f=10&t=92 and any new magic items created will be put here.

These items are ready to game test now, so everyone please use them and report back. Again all bugs, typos, over or under powered items you want to report, please use the old original thread 'Lets Create 60 More New Magic Items' at viewtopic.php?f=10&t=92 to do so. If you are going to any of these items found here, check with your opponent first if its ok to use them and make sure you have the most current up today rules and points for them by checking this part if the forum, as they will change over the coming months.

Note: This magic items is now complete, so no more magic items please. However, they are all now being gaming tested, so if you find a bug, please let us know at: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=92.

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Re: The 60 New Magic Items

Post by Dave » Fri Jun 15, 2012 9:15 am

Magic Weapons (15 out of 15, so this is list complete)

The Twin Blades of Hellfire at 140pts
These dark and retched swords are said to be forged in the very bowels of the Lower Plains and though they were behind from the Dark Rising long ago, the extreme heat they their forged in can still be felt to this day.

These magical blades are treated as two hand weapons with following special effects.

These blades cancel out all toughness saves. Furthermore, the toughness save rating that has been cancelled out will be what the blades deduct from their victims fatally wounding throw. For instance, a Giant with toughness of 5 and a fatally wounding through of 1/7, will have its toughness cancelled out and it fatally wound save lowered down to 1/2.

Fiery Thunder Sword of Trident’s Rage at 135pts
This magical weapon was cast down from the Higher Plains fit of rage over by Trident, as his banner fell under the foot of Dorackus’ rampaging Demons.

So born out of pure anger and rage, this magical sword spits out fire bolts of energy at the wheeler’s foes, burning them to ashes and sending any lucky survivors running. This is the rage of Trident...

This magical sword is treated as a hand weapon with following special affect:

Once per turn and if the bearer of this sword is in combat, they may cast the following spell.

Trident’s Rage
This spell has a range of 6 inches and can only affect one enemy piece within the awareness ranges of the caster. If successfully cast the targeted piece is hit D6 times and suffers -2 to their save and -1 to their fatally wounding throw. However, the save modifier of this spell will never affect an enemy’s luck part of their save.

This spell by be cast in combat, but the bearer of the sword must forgo all their normal attacks.

There is no need to roll to cast this spell, as all the power for the spell is provided by the sword itself. Otherwise the spell is treated just like another of the wizard’s spells, so can be dispelled as normal too.

The Flail of Famine at 135pts
Found in the tomb of Appquale, this insidious but at the same time beautiful weapon left a stream of dead tomb robbers, bandits and villains who all tried to take it to the black markets of this world.

All of them didn’t know of its curse, as this Flail feeds from the life force of others, until they are totally hungry and thirsty, leaving them withered and week.

This weapon counts as a flail with an additional magical effect.

With each kill made with this weapon, the bearer must roll a D6. On the cost of a 1 to 3 nothing happens, but on the 4 to 6 the piece (if not killed) loses 1 endurance. This affects the entire piece, so if a kill is inflicted upon a unit piece, the entire piece loses 1 endurance point including any character pieces in the unit.

The Spear of Fellowship at 125pts
One of the most destructive spears and the sharpest ever made, the Spear of Fellowship was created by a skilled Dwarf blacksmith called Deroc... and an Elf mage called Aovon long ago. They lived in a Dwarf under-city which is now long since berried. At that time Elves and Dwarfs had a great alliance with each and were known as the Old Powers.

Deroc... and Aovon, though totally different were the best of friends and made some of the most powerful weapons ever seen by mortal eyes.

Really this is one of the last remaining artefacts of great power left forge between this ancient and forgotten partnership and it demonstrates that when they stud side by side they were truly unbeatable.

When the Old Powers ended and war broke out between each other, Deroc... and Aovon, rather than fight each other, they simply disappeared and were never heard from again...

This magical weapon counts as a spear with the following special rules.

The user of this magical spear may forgo all of their attacks in each combat phase to make 1 special attack with the spear. If the user of the spear chooses to make this special attack and providing they are attacking a piece made up of ranks, the bearer of the spear instead of rolling to hit rolls a D8. The score equals the number of ranks the spear and automatically hits. Each hit then most have the save rolled over as normal.

The spear can never pierce through and automatically hit more models than a unit has ranks.

Note: If the special spear attack is used on a charging mounted piece, the spear bonus of -1 amour or -1 toughness to an enemy’s save still applies.

Bludgeoner Bill Spiked Club at 110pts
Robbers heard wind of a tall tale about an Ogre called Bludgeoner Bill. It was said that he single handed slayed over 1000 Goblins raiders and in doing so, unintentionally saved a nearby village.

After the battle, Bludgeoner Bill soon died of his horiffic wounds, but was found by the villagers who out of gratitude buried him.

Robbers intrigued with this tale decided to investigate and found Bludgeoner Bill grave and alongside they huge body lay mighty spiked club.

Bludgeoner Bill Spiked Club was found to be magical, which explained much of how he slayed so many well armed Goblins and was soon sold on.

The Club counts as a Handed weapon.

Then the bearer of this magic weapon is out number ‘2 to 1’ (‘They Have No End’ special now replaces ‘2 to 1’ in V3 rules) the bearer doubles up his attacks and negates -2 off all every saves.

Furthermore, no additional battle stress is suffered for either ‘2 to 1’ or ‘They Have No End’

The Crimson Gouger at 100pts
No one can determine the exact reason the metal of this blade is deep crimson, but many would wager their weight in gold that it is because the blade causes deep wounds that weep profusely and cannot be healed through rest, poultices or time, but by wringing the wet blood from the blade itself, thus many conclude that the red is the dried blood of the unfortunate who died as their life abandoned their veins.

The Crimson Gouger is a two handed weapon with the following special rules.

Pieces hit with the Crimson Gouger has all their toughness save completely cancelled out. Furthermore, once an enemy is wounded by weapon, they take an automatic fatally wounding hit at the beginning of each their movement phases.

Sword of Elements at 100pts
This magic sward is said to be born of the Elements of this world, Water, Earth, Wind and Fire. Other than that, nothing else is known about this great weapon.

This counts as normal hand weapon with the following special rules.

The barer of this magic blade can cancel out any one save of their opponent or opponents in combat. So this sword has the power to cancel out ether toughness, armour, luck or agility of an enemy in combat.

The barer of this sword always declare which save they are going to cancel out before rolling to hit and overcome saves etc.

Flail of Cazzeamer's Eye at 55pts
Some say that this flail can see things that the bearer can’t; others think it gives it wielder the ability to see what’s to come.

This weapon counts as a flail with an additional magical effect.

The bearer gains +2 combat rating.

Cobra Whip at 50pts
Beware the Cobra as you sleep as there was once an Elf Plains slept in with this snake that bit him. The Cobra drew out and fed on the divine blood of the Prince, but that blessing was short lived, as the snake was turned into a whip for its trouble.

This weapon counts as a hand weapon with an additional magical effect.

All attacks made with this magical weapon count as poisoned attacks. Furthermore, the victim of this whip will suffer -2 agility and -1 toughness to their save.

The Wicked Blade at 50pts
Many lesser heroes will not take this vengeful and spiteful weapon into combat, as it will punish all those who fail to satisfy its bloodlust in battle.

This weapon counts as a hand weapon with an additional magical effect.

The victim of the bearers attack will suffer -3 to their save and -3 to their fatally wounding throw. However, if the bearer of this magical blade miss all of their attacks, then they must immediately attack themselves!

The Black Lands Cleaver at 45pts
A notorious blade quenched in the blood of a thousand Orcs, the Black Land Cleaver is a portent black crimson blade which feeds of death itself...

One handed weapon which gives its bearer +1 CR and -1 to an enemy's save for every model the bearer kills in the previous turns.

Hammer of Fury at 40pts
Not all magic weapons are forged by Magic Smiths or enchanted by Wizards; some instead capture the essence of their previous owner, especial if they were a great hero. Then over the ages these items gather their strength with heroes and adventurers being drawn to them, as they are items of true power. The magical power keeps on growing within them, with each new owner being greater than the last one. The end result can make for one immensely powerful magical weapon indeed and the Hammer of Fury is one of these items.

This weapon counts as a great hammer with an additional magical effect.

Each 6 rolled by the owner of this magical hammer, either to hit or overcome saves, the bearer gains another attack. The extra attack can also grant new attacks if they too roll a 6.

Duellist's Blade at 30pts
A fine sword of unknown origin, the duellist blade can turn even the lowliest fighter into expert swordsman.

1 handed weapon- The bearers attacks hit automatically against enemy pieces with a CR equal or lower to his/her own.

Skeeters mindful mallet at 30pts
An Old wizard approached Skeeter the day before he was to march to war asking for a magnificent hammer with which to smite the enemies that would come before him and an item that would allow him to store knowledge of a spell within in case the ones he chose to memorise failed him, so Skeeter enchanted a large smithing hammer into a weapon that could do both. Unfortunately the battle was a loss as their encampment was overrun in the night, but it has cropped up from time to time in the hands of many races, either carving a bloody path to victory or falsely leading an entire army to their end.

One hand weapon that does -1 to opponents save with the following rules;
After the wizard has randomly selected his spells, he may choose to substitute one of his spells for a different random spell.

Yjie’s Sword of Sacrifice at 10pts
Yjie, a great hero of Herlanceia, when asked how he defeated the Dagger Pirates reign of terror on Meen’s coast, he simply said, “it’s all about making the right kind of sacrifice”.

No one understand what he meant by this, until Yjie passed on to a Higher Plain and his magic sword fed into hands of other hero’s...

This weapon counts as a hand weapon with an additional magical effect.

At the start of the game, the bearer of this magical sword can trade their endurance points for the following sword enhancements:

Trade 1 endurance point for -3 to an enemy’s save.
Trade 1 endurance point for -2 to an enemy’s fatally wounding throw.
Trade 1 endurance point for +1 attack.

Any number of endurance points can be trade for the sword enhancements and they can be used in any combination.

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Re: The 60 New Magic Items

Post by Dave » Fri Jun 15, 2012 9:16 am

Magic Amour (10 out of 10, so this list is complete)

Armour of Demons at 140pts
A wise man once said "There is nothing to fear but fear itself", that man clearly didn't know General Terias. That great man’s last words to his men before plunging into battle with his armour adorned with demonic scales, monstrous talons and crafted from otherworldly metals.

the Armour of Demons is a magical set of 2+ armour (no -1 movement penalty) that adds the following bonuses to the wearers profile:

+1 attack
+1 luck
+1 FW
+2 Fear for V2 rules (+1 Fear Die for V3 rules)

The wearer may also call upon a demon’s essence to steal away an enemy’s soul once per game. To resolve this effect, first take an unmodifiable fatally wounding throw on the character with the armour, as he is the one who invokes the demon. If they survive, then the opponent must take a fatally wounding throw, deducting the users own fatally wounding score from his own. If the user fails his fatally wounding throw invoking the demon, remove him as a casualty.

Plate of the Unyielding at 110pts
This full plate armour transforms the wearer into an unyielding bastion of defence that inspires bravery in those around him and terror before those that stand before him.

This magical plate gives it wearer +4 armour to their total save with the following benefits.

The character and any unit they accompany into battle gain +1 fear and +1 bravery.

Titans Armour at 90pts
This armour was forged by the Dwarfs for their greatest champions to increase their strength and endurance so they would have a smaller but more manoeuvrable alternative to the Titans, but as with all great mechanical work was stolen by the sneaky men of this world or "destroyed by those pesky gremlins" as the Dwarfs would say, so sadly there are very few suits left with most being in the Dwarfs possession.

The wearer of this armour has +2 to their endurance, +3 armour, +1 toughness and +1 fatally wounding throw. Furthermore, the wearer of this armour negates -2 to the enemy’s armour and toughness save.

However, but due to the complicated working of this armour it has a chance of attracting a gremlin to this plain. At the start of each turn of the bearer of this magical armour roll a D6, on a 2-6 nothing happens but on a 1 a gremlin appears (table coming soon)

This magical does not affect movement.

1-2 Bucket of Mud
A gremlin appears and pours Mud into the armour, It won't cause lasting damage but all the dirt and other components of the mud need time to work the mud through the system. The armour still works, but the -2 to the enemy’s armour and toughness save modifier is lost for one whole turn.

3-5 Rip and Tire
A gremlin appears and somehow rips off a piece of the amour. No major damage is done, but the armour looses -1 amour. If the magically armour has armour life the Grimlin will attack and destroy the suit completely making it completely useless for the rest of the game.

The gremlin grabs the main power source and BOOM!!! The suit of armour explodes killing it wear instantly. The blast range of the suit is 2 inches and will hit all models within its range. each blast hit will deduct -3 off all hit model’s saves and -2 of their fatally wounding throw.

Oak Helmet at 120pts
The Tree of Live is the first of all trees and from that great holy tree, sprang all others we have today.

These first trees was and are the finest of their kind, but alas many now have fallen. Those which still remain are seen by the Lords of Woods as holy things, which they hide and protect from the greedy fire-makers.

It is believed that Oak Helmet is actually made from the wood of this great tree’s remains. It certainly magical, able to give it wearer great strength and it is much tougher than steel itself, yet it as no magic magical markings of any kind. This would suggest it had not gained it power through enchantment as magic item do. Instead, it’s just a plane helmet, which as been made in a basic way out of oak wood...

The debate ranges on...

The wearer of this helmet gains +1 armour. Furthermore, all hits from the wearer deduct -2 toughness or armour and -2 from an enemy’s fatally wounding throw.

However, if your wearer is hit by a fire based attack (which clearly states it in this description), the helmet catches fire and has to be cast away. Therefore, effect this helmet is negated permanently for the rest of the game.

The Almighty Shield at 65pts
The Almighty Shield is not really a shield... it is more a large dish with some unknown purpose...

The wizards from the Sky City would love to get their hands on this large mysterious disk, to give it some proper scrutiny. Unfortunately for them, because of the disk’s desirable magic affects upon its carrier, which is too greatly enhance their durability, it makes it very hard to get hold off indeed...

This magical shield follows all the normal rules for mundane shields with one added magical bonus; the shield doubles up the carrier’s toughness rating.

With the Almighty Armour, it was just too good. So I had to change it, hope you don't mind. However, as you can see I reworked it into the Shield idea, grow from yours.

Black Flaming Armour of Terror at 50pts
Firstly, this armour is not made from any substance you would expect of find on the Middle Plain.

Secondly, Magical black fire burns all around the armour, which is actually harmless. Instead, black fair is well known its ability to strike fear within even the bravest of hearts. In fact demonic black flame feeds off terror itself; so the more fear it has around it, the stronger it will burn, which in turn create even more terror for all those who look upon it.

This magical armour adds +2 armour to it wearer’s save, which will not affect the wearer's movement in anyway.

The wearer of this armour generates a fear factor of 2, which increase by 2 each time an enemy piece fails it breads or starts to flee within 8 inches of this armour. The maximum fear factor armour can reach is 6.

Suit of the Mariner at 50pts
This suit was made by a magician for a famous fisherman to allow him to explore the deepest bowels of the ocean, he accomplished great feats which eventually lead to pirates and thieves noticing how useful this suit could be in there line of work so it was stolen and been worn by many great people but not not owned by them for long.

2+ armour, this suit allows the wearer to scout in a deep river or lake under the scouting rules on page ** of the three plains rulebook. Due to the size of this suit skirmished characters can't move through forests and rough ground at full pace.

This magical does not affect movement.

Shadow Armour at 50pts
The shadow armour was the genius of a male assassin hired to slay a roving ogre band's chieftain, he designed the armour from the silk of the giant corrupted spiders that live deep in the belly of the mountains formed when Noteus was cast down to the lower plain. the silk became invisible once he was in the shadows, allowing the assassin to jump between the ogres great shadows undetected right behind the grand chieftain, where he buried his dagger in the chieftains skull and disappeared without a trace...

The shadow armour provides the wearer with the +1 armour and the following benefits:

The wearer of the armour becomes light footed. Furthermore, if the wearer is on foot and travelling on their own, that piece cannot be seen by the enemy, so cannot be targeted by shooting or magic casting pieces.

Duelist Bracers 35pts
The Bracers were worn by a family of famous duelists who passed them down from one generation to the next. Anyone who saw them duel taken aback with how effortlessly block and perry their foe’s attacks, often making them look like a fools. However, as the generations passed, the family gained almost all of their dueling ability from the bracers, rather than their own skill. When their secret was discovered the duelists were made a mockery of and the bracers were soon stolen away from them forever.

+1 Armour. For every missed attack enemy infantry make against him he gains another attack up to a maximum of 4. However, to gain this bonus you must allow the enemy to attack first. If the wearer of the magical bracers does not survive, they cannot attack back.

The Gate Keeper Shield at 35pts
Before a powerful demon Warlord was banished back to its own Lower Plain after being slain in the mortal world, he thrust his cursed soul towards his opponent, hoping to drag this warrior to own plain along with it. However, his mortal opponent raised his shield at the last moment and capturing the Demon’s essence magical within the shield.

Now because of Demon magical essence, this shield has become a one way portal from this moral plain to Demon’s own plain. It would appear that the Demon cannot leave the shield and so is stuck between both plains.

Though the Demon is stuck there, it has found it has gained a new power, which is too drag unsuspecting morals from the Middle Plains to his own, if they wonder a little too close to the shield front.

The shield acts as a normal shield with the following special rules:

For each round of combat the bearer of this magical shield is in combat roll a D6. On the score of a 1 to 3 nothing happens and on the score of a 4 to 6 the shield is hit. This rattles and angers the demon within, thus activating the shield power. The shield hits D6 enemy models (this is with the shield sucking them into it), which can be saved against in the normal way, but each save overcome kills the model outright.

Suck-up hits from the shield are distributed just like shots from shooting or magical missile attacks, see page ** for more help in the Three Plain Rulebook.

The shield cannot suck up models with bases bigger than 30x30mm.

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Re: The 60 New Magic Items

Post by Dave » Fri Jun 15, 2012 9:17 am

Enchanted Items (19 out of 10, so this list 'over' complete lol)

Phantom's Cloak at 120pts
Many heroes and other great individuals will think nothing of using a magic item that may have once belonged to a demon, or even is, in some way a part of another dead hero. But very few of these liberal heroes will not tough an undead ethereal item, which faithfully are extremely rare.

It is how ethereal items are fashioned, which concerns most of those who would otherwise use them.

Firstly, what must be a dark and callas mage traps a lost and confused phantom, which is already a tortured enough most would agree.

As the spirit affects cannot be separated from them without the desired item disappearing. So the ghost must be burnt away for its item slowly, using the foulest and darkest of magics is use to do. This process only stops when a little bit of phantom still remains toughing its item, which must be preserve. In a sense the poor ghost still remains, just enough to keep its item present in this world forever, but no one knows if it is still aware or not...

The wearer of this Phantom's Cloak is an immune to all none magic attacks. Furthermore, they gain a fear factor of 1 and cannot be marched over. Lastly, they may pass throw ALL types of terrain without penalty and may even end they turn in an impassable terrain feature.

However, against Demon and Undead attacks or march overs, this magical cloak as no affect.

Cloak of Shadows 100pts
This magical cloak was once owned by a tribe of primitives who lived deep within one of the great rainforests of Many, but were wiped out by the Elves long ago now.

Now all that survive of them is this magical cloak. It was rumoured that this cloak allowed its users to move through the forest as if they were smoke on the breeze and avoid blows that would kill a man outright.

This Cloak increases the bearers luck by +2 and all successful hits against them must be rerolled once more.

Additionally the user ignores movement penalties for travelling over rough ground and through woody terrain.

Enchanted Pegasus Saddle of Leftdinnear at 80pts
This saddle summons the mythical Pegasus Leftdinear to be rode into battle.

The Saddle of Leftdinear does not could as magic item. Therefore, the saddle does not take up a magic item space, it points do not count towards it owners oblivion checks and once equipped, the saddle cannot be negated in anyway.

Leftinear will ONLY allow man sided pieces to ride him. Character like Dwarfs, Orcs, Ogres are just either too big, clumsy or heavy to ride Leftinear.

This saddle gives summons a mighty Leftinear and add follow all the normal rules for mounted steeds, which are explained on page ** in the Three Plains Rulebook.

Leftdinear’s Stats

M = 20
A = 2
CR = 5
L = +1
F/W = +2
S = 5

An Indebted Soul at 65pst
Sometimes the when the living cant, the dead can...

Though it is frowned upon, some dark wizards buy a mortal’s living soul to serve them in death. These dark wizards pick on the poor and desperate who sell their souls for a mere hot meal or more drink.

Once the soul has fulfilled their debt they are released can be pass over to their Gods Plains where they will be judged, finally.

Despite these despicable wizard’s wishes, thankfully they cannot control the price or time of service one’s soul will serve. So many will be quickly released soon after Death is satisfied they have fulfilled their debt to living.

However, wizards who delve into this back art often bound the souls to some mundane item and there they must wait until its master summers them. This could be a while as these items are often sold on many times over, before they are used.

The Indebted Soul can only be used once and at any time during a game provided its bearer is not in combat. Once summoned the soul can be commanded to do any one of the following:

• +1 to all dice rolls to one friendly wizard's casting rolls.
• -3 off an enemy one piece’s next move.
• One enemy missile unit will suffer -1 to hit in there next phase of shooting.
• One enemy character cannot attack in its next round of combat.
• One enemy unit takes D6+2 hits.
• All enemy spells must roll 1D6 after they have been cast and on the of a 6 they will fail. These affects will only for one enemy turn.

Ones the spirited has fulfilled its debt, this magic item becomes useless for the rest of the game.

Skeeters’ ring of Invisibility: 60pts
Knights never like to be in the centre of attention, whether it be in a nobles court, a leisurely stroll amongst the fields or even before the king, so Skeeter created this ring to allow them to pass by only the most hawk-eyed of spectators, it quickly found its way into the battle though as many generals enjoyed being able to stand at the front of the battle with the knowledge that not all of the miserable wretchs before him will be able to strike a killer blow, whether it be by blade or arrow.

The wearer of this ring gains -2 to be hit in combat when in a unit and -2 to be hit by ranged attacks when independent.

However, if the bearer of this magical ring is mounted, it is much easier for enemy to work out where they are. Therefore, if the bearer of this magical ring is mounted, instead of -2 to hit in combat, it is reduced to -1. Furthermore, this magic has no affect on the enemy shooting at the bearer of this magical ring when they are mounted.

This ring cannot be use in combination with the Armour of Attraction.

The Death Cloak 60 points
There was once a great and powerful wizard who had made many enemies. So in his haste to find ways to outwit his enemies he bartered with Death. Death gave him the very cloak on his back which could make a Giant as silent as an assassin and gave them the ability to match their background to evade their opponent’s eye. But the price was higher than the wizard anticipated, Death took all of his powers, he could hide from his enemies but never fight them...

The wearer of this magical cloak gains +3 luck to their and become ‘Light Footed’ (a new rule). However, as a cloak is rather a restrictive piece of clothing, all attacks made by wearer of this cloak suffer -1 to hit.

If the wearer of this magical cloak is mounted then the wearer looses the light footed special ability.

The Book of Mass Manipulation at 50pts
The Book of Mass Manipulation was written by a Iffy who was a wizard more interested in gold than magic, as he wanted get this local peasants to just to hand over all their wealth to him.

This was a very simple and affective plan, at first... The problem was, the local peasant weren’t as simple as he thought. Long story short, the greedy wizard was found out and burn at the stake for his crimes by an angry peasant mob.

If the Iffy had just honestly sold his great works on manipulation, that would have surely earn him a fortune, as his book now goes for very large sums of gold on the back markets indeed when it changes hands.

When enemy piece flees anywhere on the game board the carrier of the book may choose to use this magic item only then. If used, the enemy must take an immediate soldiering check for that piece. If passed, nothing further happens, but the book may be used again. If they fail their check, the piece falls completely under control of the enemy, the book carrier side, for the rest of the game. However, this does not stop their new piece from fleeing and so they must be re-rallied in the normal way, to be used by them first.

A piece which has switched sides counts as a lost piece and so their victor points are added award their original enemy’s side.

Book of Mass Manipulation has been successfully used once, it cannot be used again for the rest of that game.

Miss Voodoo at 45pts
Rumour has it Miss Voodoo as ‘it’ called itself, was would have been a ‘normal’ voodoo doll, had it not for something in her creation going very wrong...

Whatever happened, created a deranged and what seems to be a ‘female’ living doll.

Miss Voodoo always falls hopelessly in love with each new owner she acquires and woe betide anyone who harms them, as she is a very vengeful creature indeed.

She carries around with her at all times two very large and long sharp pins, which she thinks nothing of striking out and plunging into anyone who would harm her current bow.

Or if her bellowed falls, she will use her Voodoo power and stab herself. The one who tuck her love away, will then her vengeance, as feel her pins run strait throw them.

In combat, if a character piece carrying Miss Voodoo is kill, the enemy responsible for their deaf will immediately take the same fatally wounding hit which killed the carrier of Miss Voodoo. This includes all modifiers that the fatally wounding his may have had.

Furthermore, Miss Voodoo is always quite active in combat defending her lover. Therefore, Miss Voodoo attack will enemies in base contact with her carrier. She has D3 special attacks with combat rating of 6 and each hit deducts -2 agility from an enemy’s save. As these special attacks represent Miss Voodoo, they do not benefit from any magic weapon modifiers her carrier may have.

Phazing Rings of Skeeter at 45pts
Skeeter was an arcanely gifted apprentice wizard at a mages tower that was only accessible to magic, the spell to reveal the tower was scripted on parchment but Skeeter was unable to read, so he fashioned a pair of rings to allow the bearer of one ring to teleport to the other bearer. However, upon activation once his twin brother, Follus, had ascended to the tower with one ring, rather than teleporting side by side, the bearers switched places. Skeeter soon went into business making sets of these rings that can still be found, although matching sets of these rings greater than a pair are unpredictable and almost impossible to track down.

For the rings to work 2 characters must both wear them. During any point of the game the 2 characters can swap places, even if they are in combat. However, before putting the swapped models in their new places roll a D6 for both models. On the score of a 2 to 6 the teleport works fine and the models are swapped, but on the roll of 1 that model is lost in Oblivion forever and cannot be returned as the piece is effectively killed in the teleport.

Piece cannot swap place between beast pieces.

Once the ring has been used all it power has been depleted, therefore this is a one use only item.

The Barguest Amulet at 40pts
A creature for a part of the lower plain known as Jórvík (can someone guess where i got the name from) where demons who like to prey on unsuspecting travellers gather. When they are on the middle plain they enact havok accross small townsand villages, they have been known to kill men who stand against them with only a stare.

When the is summoned, it will appear 12 inches from the bearer of the Ambulate and cannot be placed into an enemy or friendly unit. However, once the Barguest appears it may travel where it wishes on the gaming board.

Barguest Stats
Pts 17?
M 13
A 2
T 0
Ag 2
L 2
E 4
F/W 2/3
S 3
Fear factor 3
It will protect the wearer of its ring as they are the person keeping it tied to the middle plain (for now :twisted: )

It must stay within 16inch of its wearer, furthermore any piece which attempts to charge its wearer know of its presence so must take a morale check as if the wearer had a fear factor 2 (only applies on charge). Starts the battle within 6inch of the wearer.

Deaths stare, range 12 hits 1 model Always hits on a 4+ negates all Armour and toughness(if there are 3 Berguest 3 hit etc)
i read the post of you telling me to include it in the magic item list
Immune Poison, Unbreakable

Dragon Knucklebones at 30pts
with a cast of the Knuckles, Fates are re-written, History is changed forever, and the Weak-willed or the Deep Pocketed are either remembered as heroes who fought on in spite of the odds or forever written out of the records of history as cowards, deserters and undesirables... all on the fate foretold by the bones.

Whena unit is required to take a morale check or soldiering check, the controlling player may opt ot use the knucklebones to roll a single dice, on the roll of a 4+, the test is automatically passed regardless of modifiers, on a 2 or 3, the test is taken as normal and on the roll of a 1, the unit automatically fails the test.

Deas Ring of Speed at 20pts
Though Deas’ rings do not shake the world with their power, they are still quite well known on the Middle Plain, as many heroes and adventures use them.

This magical ring gives its wearer +3 movement.

Deas Ring of Combat at 20pts
Though Deas’ rings do not shake the world with their power, they are still quite well known on the Middle Plain, as many heroes and adventures use them.

This magical ring gives its wearer +2 to combat rating.

Deas Ring of Hope at 20pts
Though Deas’ rings do not shake the world with their power, they are still quite well known on the Middle Plain, as many heroes and adventures use them.

This magical ring gives its wearer +1 luck to their save.

Deas Ring of Battle at 20pst
Though Deas’ rings do not shake the world with their power, they are still quite well known on the Middle Plain, as many heroes and adventures use them.

This magical ring gives its wearer +1 attack.

Deas Ring of Endurance at 20pts
Though Deas’ rings do not shake the world with their power, they are still quite well known on the Middle Plain, as many heroes and adventures use them.

This magical ring gives its wearer +3 endurance points.

Caged Box of Souls at 10pt
This box has an insidious greed for live, as draw living souls from their body, long before their time comes. Other than that not much is known about the box, as all who study it all eventually succumb to its unquenchable greed for death.

Yet it always managed to be found and taken in by the unsuspecting, as box could change it shape, colour and design to please anyone.

It wasn’t until a Mius, a young mage’s hand brought it home to his new family, that its true insidious nature was discovered.

The box slowly murdered his entire family, until only he remained. Because the box could not be destroyed, Mius caged the evil thing and inscribed a warning on it, so this could never agent. Then Mius decided to join his family...

However, far from being avoided, the box found itself being sort by those who would use it as a means to bring death upon their enemies.

Now the box feeds more than ever!

All models (friend and foe) within 2 inches of the carrier of this item must role 1D6 each at the start of each new turn (both sides). On the score of 1 to 5 nothing happens. On the score of 6 the model takes a fatally wounding hit.

The box will also feed off its carrier, but will always feed of them last, when there are no others to feed from nearby. Therefore, when there is no other models in range of the box’s power, it will feed off its carrier and affect them as described above.

If the carrier is concealed or hidden in a unit, the box will still affect the unit and its radius is always worked from the middle that grouping.

Skeeter's Wonder Brew at 10pts
When a town drunkard came into skeeters store and asked for a brew that would keep him inebriated for hours, skeeter emerged a few hours later, or rather, drunkenly fell out of his store upper floor with this cask of mead, proclaiming "one sip and you're invincible, two sips and your as strong as a lion, three sips... I'm not really sure..."

Skeeters Wonder Brew can be used 8 times during a game and even drank all at once (three sips), but it must be always be used before combat starts. The affects of the mead last for 1 turn and end at that the start of the drinker’s next turn. If the user of mead drinks it all at once, they gain all of its affect at once whatever they may be.

For each sip the drinker gains the following affects. If the drinker only take one sip a turn, they will never move past the first sip's affects.

One Sip: Roll 1D6 and on the score of a 1-5 all fatally wounding throws struck against the drinker must be rerolled once more and the user also gains a brave of 1. On the score of a 6 skip to the third sip.
Second Sip in one turn: Roll 1D6 and on the score of a 1-4 the user deals -1 to a piece’s toughness or armour and deducts -1 FWT. On the score of a 5 - 6 skip to the third sip.
The Third Sip in one turn: roll a d6 and consult the table:
1: The mead literally blows the drinker’s head off! The drinker killed outright and removed from play for the rest of the game.
2: The user goes blink, permanently! The drinker of the mead cannot shoot or cast magic again, and can only hit the enemies in combat on a 6. These affects last for the rest of the game.
3: The user vomits profusely and may not act for the rest of his turn (moving, fleeing ect.)
4: The user burps and fire ball comes out! Use the Flame temple and place it at the front of the use mouth and all models underneath it are hit.
5: The user fats and a fire ball comes flying out of this ass! Use the Flame temple and place it at the user rear end of the user and all models underneath it are hit.
6: “I just going to rest my eyes a little... Zzz...” The user goes to sleep for the rest of the game, therefore they cannot do anything and must stay there they are. Also attacks will hit them automatically and they will have their agility saves cancelled out for each hit against them. Furthermore, their attack rating is cancelled down to nothing for purposesof ‘March Overs’.

If the wearer of this mask is charged by a beast piece or any mounted beasts, then they must make an automatic soldiering check using the beasts soldiering with soldiering check of a 8. If failed, the bests will only move half of their full change range towards the bearer of this magical mask. If the check is passed, the mask has on affect.

The Caged Gremlin at 5pts
The Gods only how, but some means this magical cage attracts Gremlins and traps them. Once trapped the little bugger is taken on to a battlefield and release. The little Gremlin will run off straight towards the nearest war machine and totally wreck it. Purpose survived, the happy and now freed Gremlin will vanish back home to its Plain.

The owner of the Caged Gremlin can only release their magic captive at the start of any of their movement phases. One released, place down the Gremlin model provided next to the carrier of the Gremlin Caged. Move the Gremlin model immediately moves 2D6 direction to the nearest war machine within its awareness ranges. Keep on moving the Gremlin’s movement phases at the start of each of its movement phases until it reaches its goal.

The Gremlin will always take the shorted route possible to its target, but avoid other gaming pieces and impassable terrain, moving round them appropriately.

The player, who owned the Gremlin, has no control over this gaming piece at all. However, they are responsible for moving the Gremlin (as just described above) and making all the necessary rolls for them like rolling to hit and overcome saves in combat for instance.

The Gremlin counts as an independent character piece and follows all rule laid out in the Three Plains Rulebook for being as such, with the exception that the Gremlin cannot take on the role of a General (obviously).

Once a Gremlin reaches its target, if the war machine has a Gremlin Chart, it must immediately roll on it. If not the war machine is immediately destroyed and remove from play. In any case, once the Gremlin as do it job it vanishes, so is removed from play.

Gremlin Stats
Base Size=20x20mm

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Re: The 60 New Magic Items

Post by Dave » Fri Jun 15, 2012 9:19 am

Arcane Items (15 out of 15, so this list is complete)

Wand of Oblivion 150pts
This wand was forged by the demon smiths in the bowels of the lower plains. This foul device was cast out of vile demonic ores and enchanted by magic, which is simple out of mosts comprehension on the Middle Plain. It was designed to give any spell the power to blast strait through all pitiful defences the mortals on the Middle plain could muster against such an item. This it does with devastating effect, as even the most weakest of spells cast by this wand will send any foe strait to oblivion!

All harmful spells that have a save to overcome, which have been cast by a wizard using this powerful wand, automatically cancel out all affected enemies’ saves.

Ultimate Scrolls 120pts
The writers of these scrolls are largely unknown to world because many of them will die making these terrifically powerful items. However, the gold warlords will pay for them makes the risk worth... somebody else taking.

Mages are often kidnapped or spared by the enemy after a battle only to write these mighty scrolls out for their captives, but one slip of the quill... and it’s all over...

When used the wizard’s next spell cast will automatically pass no matter how powerful it is and cannot be dispelled by any means, such is the power of these scrolls. However, spells will still backfire or scatter as normal.

Skeeter's Spell Compendium at 115pts.
Skeeter was never the best spellcaster, but when he wanted to make the ultimate larder, one which could cast spells to rid itself of raiders, he scripted a book that would allow him to enchant it. But as this is tempting a rip in reality, he formed the first underhand scripting of Mannaquil, magic in words, reducing the amount of manna concentrated in the book. Needless to say, the larder went down in history as one of the worst items to ever be produced as they only recognised the enchanter, but his merchantry advisor, Darrus, realised the value of such a book and suggested it to skeeter. He didn't agree with Darrus but reluctantly agreed, within the week, the college of magic had ordered over 800 copies, not including those ordered by military commanders.

Skeeters spell compendium allows the caster to take all the spells in the discipline of his choice, but may only cast a number of spells a turn as would normally be allowed. (Regular wizards may cast 2, masters 3)

Unicorn Wand at 70pts
One day when wizard was travelling through his local town, where there was a loud commotion coming from the town’s square.

Soon the wizard learned that a well known hunter had managed to capture and kill a unicorn in the woods, and fool was planning on mounting the poor thing’s head on his wall.

The canny wizard seeing a once in a life like opportunity, offered the boasting hunter a large sum of gold for the horn. Yet the wizard could pay strait away, but he was extremely respected and trusted in those parts, so hunter gave him the horn and agreed with the wizard that he would him when he returned home.

Unicorn Horns are very rare items indeed. This is because a unicorn’s will always try and recover them from those who would desecrate the remains of a unicorn. They will always seek out and punish those who have unduly wrong harm them, as hunter will soon find out for himself...

With the death of the hunter, the unicorns will never know of their horns true fait. This left the cunning wizard free to craft it into a very powerful wand, without fear of reprisal from the unicorns, and as the wizard suspected, the hunter never claim his payment...

The bearer of this wand can re-roll all casting dice for 1 failed spell per turn. Furthermore, the user of this wand can dispel 1 enemy spell per turn by costing a 4+ on a roll of a D6.

A Character armed with a this wand, can never ride a unicorn.

Arch Mage Lywdan's Robe at 70tps
This Robe belonged to one of the most powerful wizards of all time and is still used to this day by Wizards.

The wizard who wears this cloak gains +1 L to there save and can reroll 1 failed spell a turn

Death’s Sceptre at 50pts
After a cunning gambler bested death at a game of dice for his soul, he demanded payment on his part for his victory, so death granted him an imitation of his sceptre, allowing the man to control the souls of his enemies. But death works in mysterious ways as the man was found dead that night, slumped before the mirror in his inn room, witnesses say that the moans of the man resonated along the staff when it was handled but it has since disappeared to whereabouts unknown.

Forever 3 models slain by the wielder of Deaths Scepter's magic, user of this Sceptre receives +1 extra die to cast with in their following turn. Or instead can deduct -1 magic die from an enemy casting attempt in their following turn.

The +1 bonus die can be saved and build throughout a game. However, the -1 deduction must be spend in the enemy’s following turn or be lost.

The controlling player of this magical scepter must declare how they are going to use its special affect at the time it is earned it and not when it when they are about to be used.

Book of Forbidding Spells at 65pts
Castcar was a mage who swore he would write his own spell book. Yet after years of hard work, he realised that this job of creating a totally new Discipline of Magic, was just too big a job for him to do alone.

So Castcar came up with a solution, which was to create a book that could write itself, by stealing other wizard’s magic. Stolen spells would then imprint themselves in too the book.

However, the imprinted spells would always be too jumbled up to use. This in enraged Caster and so he through away his life’s work, but others soon found a use for his book...

This item can only be used one in a game.

At the beginning of the game, after the enemy has chosen all of their spells, the bearer of this book takes away one of their spell permanently, for the rest of the game. This magic spell card must be randomly selected from all of the enemy’s combine spells they have access to in that game.

The Plain Magical Coin at 45pts
This gold coin will strikes most as an ordinary bit of currency; worth no more or no less than the gold it is made out of, but this is no mean coin. In fact, it is quite a magical and has the power enhance a wizard’s casting capabilities considerably.

Yet this special coin spends most of it time being used as normal currency, because many mages end up accidently spending it with it looking so common.

So coin goes through many owners, until it finds its way into the hands of a mage, who can sense its true worth. Well, that is until they lose it...

This magic item cannot only be used once per turn.

Just before casting a spell flip a coin. If the result is Head, the mana needed for your next spell costs 1 less. If the result is a Tail, has no affect until it is flipped again in the user next turn.

Note: The coin which is flipped counts a normal die (or as a D2). So can be affected by spells, other magic items, etc, which can affect dice rolls.

Sears' Crystal Ball at 40pts
Sears’ Crystal Ball does not predict the future, as most believe it does. Instead it is more a mage’s magical gambling aid, which rewards those who can make the right predictions.

Sadly Sears died making only of to these fantastic magical devices and its secrets he took with him to his grave.

Before enemy wizard casts a spell, they must first draw their spell card they want to cast next and make sure that you cannot see it. You now have one chance to guess what spell it is before the enemy casts that spell.

If guessed correctly, the enemy spell is dispelled immediately, even before any magic dice have been rolled.

If guessed wrong, the enemy's spell is cast as normal, but no more dispels can be used against it that turn.

This item can only be used once per turn.

Mysterious Hourglass at 35pts
Nothing is known about this magical hourglass’ history and how it behaviours is totally unexplainable, hence its name, the Mysterious Hourglass.

It biggest mystery is that it somehow stores all forms of magic and if overloaded it will explode. This is intriguing in itself, but by some means it will always reform again?

If an enemy spell affects bearer with this item or any unit they are accompanying, the spell is immediately dispelled. However, the bearer must roll a D20. If the score is over the mana cost of the enemy spell, nothing further happens. If the is equal to or even under the mana of the enemy’s spell, the hourglass will explode!

To work out the how many models have been hit in the hourglass blast, use the large explosion temple. The blast will affect all under its template and each hit will deduct -1 off a model’s save. However, this save modifier will affect the luck part of a model’s save.

Each time the hourglass is used, deduct the enemy’s mana cost from the die roll used to stop the spell, starting with D20, working your way down to nothing. If the hourglass become full and no die can be rolled, its next enemy spell it stops will make it explode.

Other forms of dispels can be used to stop enemy magic, which the hourglass could be used to counted, but hourglass must always be use if no alternative counter is availed.

Wand of Spite at 35pts
It is when the wand is stopped by the enemy, its true power of spite is only then revealed to all...

If a spell cast by the beater of this wand is dispelled or blocked in anyway, then the wand will take it vengeance and dispel of one of the enemy’s spells in their following turn. The bearer of the ward can choose any enemy spell to dispel, but cannot the dispels, as they must be used in the enemy’s following turn or be lost.

Crown of Desperation at 30pts
The Crown of Desperation name can be a little miss leading; in fact it is a vastly powerful item indeed. This is because the crown is able to simplify, even the most sophisticated spell, which makes them far easier to cast.

The crown is so called because, the longer the it is worn upon one’s head, the tighter it becomes, until it cracks it wearer’s skull and crushes their brains to mush.

Over the years it has claimed many great wizards’ lives; who thought “just one more spell...”, but that spell would always be their last, before the crown got them...

The wizard carrying this magical crown can choose to wear it for any spell they cast, or ever keep it on to cast all the rest of their spells if they wish. This will increase its power greatly, but also increase the risk of wearer it, as the crown will tighten and could kill them!

Each time the crown is worn, refer to the chart underneath. If the wearer chooses to keep on wearing it, move down the chart and follow its instructions. If the wearer takes off the crown and puts it on again for anther spell, start again at the top of the chart. The wearer must decide if they will keep wearing crown before casting their next spell; they cannot take it off and put in on again avoid the crown's affects increasing on the chart underneath.

-1 mana to cast for the first spell = the wizard takes 1 hit, which cancels out all armour and agility saves completely.
-2 mana to cast for the second spell = the wizard take 1 hit, which completely cancels out all armour, agility saves and also deducts -1 toughness and luck from its save as will. Furthermore, if wounded, the wound does -1 to the wear’s fatally wounding through.
-3 mana to cast for the third spell = the wizard take 1 hit, which completely cancels out all armour, agility saves and also deducts -2 toughness and luck from its save as will. Furthermore, if wounded, the wound does -2 to the wear’s fatally wounding through.
-4 mana to cast for the third spell = the wizard take 1 hit, which completely cancels out all armour, agility saves and also deducts -3 toughness and luck from its save as will. Furthermore, if wounded, the wound does -3 to the wear’s fatally wounding through.
-5 mana to cast for the third spell = the wizard take 1 hit, which completely cancels out all armour, agility saves and also deducts -4 toughness and luck from its save as will. Furthermore, if wounded, the wound does -4 to the wear’s fatally wounding through.
And so on...

The Rambling Hat at 30pts
This Hat is well known for giving advice to all its wearers, even if they don’t always want it. In fact, the chatty hat’s owners sometimes just wish it would for once shut up!

Yet most of what the hat says, when it comes to the subject of magic can be very insightful indeed, and it has even been known to cast few spells by itself.

At the start of the wearer’s the turn roll a D6 and follow the chart underneath:

1 – 2 = The hat begins to ramble on and complains about its wearer bad habits or short comings, which quite un-useful at the time to its wearer’s concentration. All spells cast by the hat’s wearer, must be rerolled again once more. This affect lasts for one whole turn and ends at the beginning of the wearer of the hat next turn.
3 = The hat as taken the hump about something its wearer said about it and so for once it keeps quiet. The hat has no affect for that turn.
4 – 5 = The hat decides to throw its wearer a bone and so mutters something useful. One spell of the wearer gains +1 die to cast with. This affect lasts for one whole turn and ends at the beginning of the wearer of the hat next turn.
6 = This is why the wearer puts up with the dam thing, as it divulges some great secret of magic to it wearer! All spells of the wearer gains +1 die to cast with. This affect lasts for one whole turn and ends at the beginning of the wearer of the hat next turn.

The Ring of Sacrifice 15pts
The ring draws its power from the living around it, if they like it or not.

Before a casting a spell with this dark ring, the bearer choose 1 or 3 D3 friendly models within 6 inches of itself to sacrifice for magic dice. Each D3 will reward the bearer with 1 extra magic die to cast with. The sacrificed models will take 1 fatally wound each.

The bearer may even draw power from themselves, but will suffer the same as the other ring victims do.

Undead and demon armies cannot use this ring.

Wildoon the Raven of Foresight at 5pts
Ravens are very intelligent birds and some have even been enchanted with magic to further their intelligence, too used as Spies. One such Raven was Wildoon who was so bright that he could understand Manaquill, which is the writing of magic. In fact Wildoon was gifted in the arts of magic, that he was granted immortality by a great wizard from Herlancian so he would be used by him for the rest of his very long lived life.

Wildoon’s enchantment of immortally was so successful, that he easily out lived his original master and is alive and well to this day.

Before the game starts, the enemy player must select all of their spells first, which are then revealed to the Wildoon’s side. After which, Wildoon’s side randomly selects all of their magic for this as normal.

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Re: The 60 New Magic Items

Post by Dave » Fri Jun 15, 2012 9:19 am

Magic Commands (10 out of 10, so this list is complete)

The Demon Skull Flag at 125pts
At the battle of Tranceslear, the town’s elf defenders finally defeated and captured Sizytar, a great demon general of Dorackus, who is the Lord of Utter Darkness and Evil.

As a rule, you can never really kill a demon, instead the best you can hope for is to banish it back to its own foul lower plain, where it will dwell until they can raise again against you.

But Sizytar crimes had been so great against the elves of Trnceslear, they would have their revenge on this being, whatever the cost!

So many powerful sorceresses where send to Tranceslear aid in Siytar imprisonment. After days of exhausting enchanting, Siytar senses was forever imprinted on a flag, which would ironically be used often against his own demonic kind each time they rose up.

Sizytar was set to prison so he would be aware of this fait, and his distain was clear for all to see within the flag at first, but now this mind has gone beyond madness. Now nothing can been see of him anyway more... Yet the flag still retains it magical properties...

Unit pieces bearing The Demon Skull Flag gains the following effects for the first three turns of their game:

1. Movement + 1 inch
2. Hatred
3. Fear Actor 1
4. Battle stress -3

At the start of the flag bearers forth turn, the flag runs out of power and has no further affect on the game.

The Screaming Standard of the Tormented Banshee at 110pts
Within these this cursed material of this banner is bond a tormented spirit of the a Banshee. Why she ties herself to this banner is a complete mystery, but all who face this banner in battle hear her wailing pain, which can strike terror into the bravest of hearts.

At the start of each of the banner bearers turns, all enemy pieces within 6+D6 inches of this banner must take and pass a soldiering of 10. If the check is failed, that piece will suffer -1 CR in combat and soldiering for one whole turn.

The Overlord Banner at 70pts
When Tyrantos grew sick of his mercenaries poor performance on the battlefield, with them often running out of combat and cocking up the most basic manoeuvres, he commissioned this banner to be made to resolve this.

Tyrantos command it be made from the scalps of the soldiers he'd killed for deserting his ranks or just those fools who just proved totally useless to him.

From that point forward, his warriors suddenly impove...

A unit holding this banner can reroll failed soldiering checks and break stets.

Torch of Undying Flame of Hope at 70pts
long ago, in the independent city state of Ulic, a hand full of men led by Jyzee, a feeless commander with an iron resolve, were tasted to defend their city against an pending onslaught of Demons, which lay siege to their city.

In the initial Demon attack Jyzee was mortally wounded, but knowing his men’s morale hunk by a thread, he once again tuck his place with his men on the walls to for next attack, knowing full well he could not survive it.

Before he went to his death though, he lit a torch and famously said “If I go this day, then carry this burring touch, for it is my soul, and it will watch over you all”.

In second battle, Jyzee was killed, but his burning touch which should have long since burnt out remarkable continued to burning, even more brightly it seemed. See as a good omen by all, in the last battle where only a few brave defenders remained, they placed Jyzee’s buring touch way up high so all could see.

The following battle was a bloody one, but all of city’s defenders held they ground and eventually beat off the demons once and for all, saving the city.

Jyzee and his men, and even the city of Ulic have long turned to dust, but Jyzee’s torch still burns on to this day...

The Jyzee’s Torch has long since been mounted on a pole and turned into a magical standard and all who follow it have their battle stress score reduced by half. Always round down odd battle stress scores.

Trumpet of Determination at 55pts
It was said that there was this novice general, who lead an army of Dwarves against the Orcs. When the two forces clashed, the Dwarves were hacking their way forward relentlessly, leaving chunks after chunks of the Orcs’ flesh piling on top of one another. The foolish general guffawed and with the rest of this beards, he started the celebrations right there where he was. But before long, the general’s laughter turned into a moan. Apparently, the Dwarves got exhausted after twenty minutes of relentless hacking and now they are the ones being hacked. “Fight on you fools!” he roared. It didn’t take long for him to realise that it wasn’t working. Coincidentally, beside him was his trumpeter, who was meant to have a magical instrument... He grabbed his trumpeter’s instrument and blew with all this heart! The Dwarves thought that the trumpet sound was a signal that it was lunch time, and so they perked up. Long story short, that general got lucky this time.

All friendly pieces within 6 inches of the bearer of this magical trumpeter at the start of the game (after deployment), gain +1 endurance counter. Once all the allegeable have been awarded +1 endurance counter, this item has no further affect in the game.

Banner of Hesitation at 50pts
There was once a Herlanceian Hero called Joeless who was never bested in a duel. The reason why he never lost was not because of his skills with a blade sword, but because of this skills with his Mouth.

Joeless used to talk down his opponents in combat, making them doubt their own true amities and as they hesitated Joeless would strike them down.

After Joeless died, this cape was worn by many others who all remarked that the cape would have seemed to have captured Joeless spirit. They reported that their enemies would make more mistakes and seem general unsure of themselves around them. So eventually Joeless’ Cape was made into a banner and named the Banner of Hesitation.

All enemies that charge a unit carrying this magical banner must make an immediate soldiering check, with a soldiering difficulty of 10 first before they can charge. If the check is failed, the charging enemy fails it charge even if it is within charge range of the unit carrying the magic banner. The enemy must move up to half the distance needed to reach the unit and remain there until it next turn. If the enemy passes its check it makes it charge in the unit carrying this banner as normal.

The Noteus’s Scarred Banner at 40 pts
To those how follow the Scared Banner of Noteus into battle can receive great rewards from their deity. However, being the supreme god of chaos, Noteus can also be very cruel at times too, even to his most loyal of followers.

The unit piece carrying this banner roll both 1D12 and 1D6 before working out its battle stress before it take a break test. The D6 adds the score to the piece’s total battle stress score and D12’s score deducts battle stress away from it. Whichever die rolls highest is used to either deducts or adds battle stress on to the piece.

For instance, after rolling a D12 and a D6, the D12 scores a 11 and the D6 scores a 2. Therefore the D12 has won and the piece will deduct its winning score of -11 from its battle stress.

The Monkey Banner at 5pts
All who follow under this magical banner become a nibble and as fast as a little cheeky Monkey. The problem is though, they also gain the cheekier nature the Monkey too, which does not help discipline in a unit at all.

Units carrying this banner suffer -1 to their soldiering, but may always move full at pace through rough and woody terrain features on the gaming board and can see a further +2 inches in woody terrain also.

The Drumstick of Doom at 5pts
Death, one of Noteus’ greatest aids, used to be a far more active Demon Lord on the Middle Plain, with Death constantly rising up from his dark plain to spread death and diction upon Many.

However, time after time by the Old Powers (the Dwarves and the Elves) Death was often defeated and cast back down to his own plain. And when great demon lords are defeated, they often leave behind them items not meant for this world and one such item was Death' Drumstick of Doom.

When struck on any drum, all those who herd the beat of this drumstick will suddenly drop to their knees, stone cold dead.

This magic command can be used at any time during a game and can be used any number of times, even striking the Doon Stick again and again all that the same time, until its user succumbs to its calls of death it makes with each beat.

All models (friend and foe) within 5 inches of this magical command must roll a D6 each. On the score of 6 the model takes a fatally wounding hit.

As the musician using the Drumstick of Doom will hear its beats the clearest, on the score of a 4, 5 or 6 they will suffer a fatally wounding hit instead of a 6.

Once the musician or command model is killed, the Drumstick of Doom cannot be used again, as on one would dare to use once more. The command model now becomes a normal command for it units. Do not remove the original command model after is has succumb to its own beats of the Doom. Instead, remove an accompanying unit model in its place, as normal.

Undead and Demon models are immune to the beats of the drumstick's affects. However, the Drumstick of Doom was never meant to used by mean lowly undead or demonic creatures, but Death himself. Therefore, at the beginning at the each turn, an undead or demonic unit carrying this item will suffers 1D6 automatic hits instead.

The Twisted Banner of Noteus at 1pts
By carrying this banner you make a deal with the greatest of all the dark chaos gods Noteus. The deal is under this reached banner will grain great killing power battle, but was what cost...

The unit that carries this banner gain +1 attack, but must swap another one of their units base stats for it. To see which start is swapped, at the very start of the (just after setting out all pieces) roll a D8 and relate the score on the chart underneath and follow the instructions from there.

Noteus payment
1 = the unit losses -1 movement
2 = the unit losses -1 combat rating
3 = the unit losses -1 toughness, (if the piece has none then reroll on the chart again)
4 = the unit losses -1 agility, (if the piece has none then reroll on the chart again)
5 = the unit losses -1 luck, (if the piece has none then reroll on the chart again)
6 = the unit losses -1 endurance
7 = the unit losses -1 fatally wounding value (remove all the K rating models in the unit)
8 = the unit losses -1 soldiering value

Elves cannot carry this banner