Three Plains V3.8 New Rules

Go right ahead and suggest new rules, concepts or armies/lists for Three Plains or anything you feel would better the game. You never know, they could get developed ;O)
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Three Plains V3.8 New Rules

Post by Dave » Sat Dec 12, 2015 9:56 pm

Hi all,

As you may or may not know, we game test Three Plains every week or at least once a fortnight and from that we are constantly tweaking the rules. So, already we have some new rules in the pipeline, which are:

Death of the General (page 60)
If your General dies, you cannot re-rally your troops any longer.

Beast Mounts & Agility (page 69)
This rule is going to be soften down to just canceling out -1 agility, instead of completely sharing your mounts agility value. This rule change has come about with me working on the Elves, as they are agility based army and would be affected too negatively with this rule as it is.

"New Fire Mechanic For Large Siege War Machines.
After today's siege game test, it was clear to us that the fire mechanic is just too messy, faffy and ineffective to be used in the game. This is the old rule for some of the siege war machines catching on fire:

Being constructed out of wood, a Herlanceian Siege Tower is 'Vulnerable to Fire', as explained in the Three Plains Rulebook on page 69.

Furthermore, for every fire based attack that hits the tower, roll an additional D6 after all other damage dice have been worked out as normal. On the score of 1 to 5 nothing happens. However, on the score of a 6 the Tower has caught on fire!

When a siege tower catches on fire, at the start of each players' turn for the rest of the game it will take D3 fiery hits. After the first roll, add another D3 hits on to the roll to represent the fire spreading across the war machine."

Instead, this is what we came up with after the game:

Every time a fire attack wounds, roll another D6. On the score of a 6 the piece gains 1 fire point. At the end of each turn roll a D6 for each fire point you have on your piece. On the score of a 1-2 discount that fire point. On the score of a 3-5 add another fire point on to the piece. On the score of a 6 deduct 2 life points off the piece on fire, as its fire damage and does double damage.

This simple system seems to effectively simulate fire spreading, doing damage and even failing to catch hold.

Ok guys, what do you think of these new rules?