Game Design Basics

This forum is setup to talk about all the rules found in Three Plains’ Rulebook. So here new rules can be suggested, current rules can be debated by Epic Members and Epic Members or Me can help new players of Three Plains get to grip with its rules.
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Game Design Basics

Post by Truthforger » Tue Feb 21, 2012 10:15 pm

When I was in the states I always followed the blog of the lead game designer of Magic:The Gathering Mark Rosewater. Anyways I was catching up on his blog and I found this 2-part article that I though you (Dave) might find helpful. Wouldn't be surprised if you don't already read his blog (not a far jump from wargaming to Magic) and every game designer has individual philosophies but I think even contrasting your own with other game designers can lend clarity. So here are the links:

Part 1: ... ily/mm/166
Part 2: ... ily/mm/168

Obviously he speaks a lot about magic specifically but the broader ideas certainly matter to all games including Three Plains.


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Re: Game Design Basics

Post by Dave » Tue Feb 21, 2012 11:59 pm

Thank Truthforger, its a good read.

I like bit on 'Rules', as it's very relevant to a lot of writing I'm doing at the moment. I'm trying to make 'Movement' more easier and more tactile for gamers to use, which I will be making a video blog post soon about. Also I'm looking at the battle stress system to make it easier to calculator - somehow as I'm still playing with ideas in my mind as yet....

I liked the 'Hook' bit as well as that made me think about my game's hook which is its P&P and its 15mm fantasy scale game.

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