Blocking out Epic Prints/Models

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Blocking out Epic Prints/Models

Post by Dave » Fri Aug 28, 2015 8:34 am

Hi all,

Here is some useful information on how to block out your Epic Modesl/Prints by Polemarkh:
polemarkh wrote:
whisper31 wrote:Looking REALLY good there, man. What are the blocks you are using to mount your figures on? I may have to go that route instead of just cardstock for my figs. Keep up the excellent work!
The blocks come from GMT games, and are used for the Commands & Colors series. Although they aren't directly available from GMT's website, I found that, if you e-mail GMT to ask, they will sell you any of the block sets for $20 USD. For reference (and since I happen to have the numbers here), the available sets are:

C&C Ancients (Base):
Small Blocks: 120 grey, 92 brown
Medium Blocks: 30 grey, 45 brown
Rectangular Blocks: 5 grey, 7 brown
Large Blocks: 4 grey, 6 brown

C&C Ancients EXP 1 (Greece & Eastern Kingdoms)
Small Blocks: 112 light blue, 108 tan
Medium Blocks: 30 light blue, 41 tan
Rectangular Blocks: 8 light blue, 7 tan
Large Blocks: 6 blue, 6 tan

C&C Ancients EXP 2 (Rome & Barbarians)
Small Blocks: 116 green, 104 red
Medium Blocks: 21 green, 27 red
Rectangular Blocks: 24 green, 4 red
Large Blocks: 2 red

C&C Ancients EXP 3 (Civil Wars)
Small Blocks: 36 grey, 60 red
Medium Blocks: 6 grey, 9 red
Rectangular Blocks: 0
Large Blocks: 2 red

C&C Ancients EXP 4 (Imperial Rome)
Small Blocks: 138 purple, 4 tan
Medium Blocks: 42 purple, 51 tan, 18 green
Rectangular Blocks: 4 purple, 5 black
Large Blocks: 0

C&C Ancients EXP 6 (Spartans):
Small Blocks: 112 orange, 35 bronze, 52 light blue, 4 silver, 12 tan
Medium Blocks: 15 orange
Rectangular Blocks: 3 orange

C&C Napoleonics (Base):
Small Blocks: 80 blue, 66 red, 34 brown
Medium Blocks: 32 blue, 33 red, 12 brown
Rectangular Blocks: 22 blue, 18 red, 8 brown

C&C Napoleonics EXP 1 (The Spanish Army):
Small Blocks: 24 blue, 83 yellow
Medium Blocks: 36 blue, 39 yellow
Rectangular Blocks: 13 yellow

C&C Napoleonics EXP 2 (The Russian Army):
Small Blocks: 94 green, 28 blue
Medium Blocks: 52 green
Rectangular Blocks: 22 green, 4 blue

C&C Napoleonics EXP 3 (The Austrian Army)
Small Blocks: 111 white, 12 blue
Medium Blocks: 40 white, 28 blue
Rectangular Blocks: 20 white, 5 blue

C&C Napoleonics EXP 4 (The Prussian Army)
Small Blocks: 104 grey, 23 blue
Medium Blocks: 36 grey, 36 blue
Rectangular Blocks: 23 grey, 9 blue

Note that the numbers above don't include a few extras. Also note that the same colour is sufficiently compatible to be usable together.
Thanks Polemarkh :)

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