Notes on Creating the New Elmentors List

The Wizard Elementor will be a bonus army with a new discipline of magic of Elements.
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Notes on Creating the New Elmentors List

Post by Dave » Sun Nov 27, 2011 12:42 pm

Hi everyone,

We will be development new Discipline of Magic called Discipline of Elements, which is a new magic were you can raise up Elementor Beings to do your bidding on the battlefield. But from that, I thought since I was going to be creating new models and writing a little list of new monsters, I thought why now make it into a new army list of Elementor Wizards or just an Wizard Army you can field in battle.

My idea was, before a game starts, in the deployment phase the wizard army player could raise up his or hers forces for battle. They would pay points for wizards. Anyway that's the general idea for now.

So what I would really like you guys to do is create and write the pieces for the army.

List Requirements
  • There can only be 9 pieces, because there can only be 9 spell in total.
    We need a range of pieces form; ranged missile pieces, fast fast attacking pieces, core foot troops and big monsters too.
    We need their rules, blurb, casting value, if possible a picture would be really nice as well to give other members an idea of what you are talking about.
Note: With casting values, a bit like saves, I'm thinking of upping the casting values over a D6. So you can have a spell on a D8 or D12 for instance. So you can have monsters which need more than an 6 to summon up is what I'm getting at.

Also please start a new thread for each new piece (monster) you suggest, as I want don't peoples ideas getting missed up together. However, changing ideas throughout a post is find, so a monster could start off being one thing and end up being totally diffing by the end of it.

I'm going to let ideas run a while before committing them to a list, but I will be commenting on them and reading them all. Then when its time to start working on them, we'll pick the best ideas and rules and put them up for everyone to see.

Note: Please remember that this is an open forum, so all ideas are open be used, changed and commented on by others on this forum.

Thanks guys and lets get to work eh =O)