About Epic

Epicwargaming.com is my attempt at earning some money and doing what I love at the same time. Or, in other words, Epicwargaming.com is a private company, which is based on the internet.

I started Epic because I love wargaming, but I’m not a fan of painting and the cost of it. So, that left me with print-and-play wargaming, but I soon found there isn’t that much of it out there and thus decided to write my own game: Three Plains.

Three Plains is an old-world fantasy setting with Orcs, Elves and Goblins all fighting it out. Why? Because that’s my thing, simply.

Three Plains is game not too different from Warhammer Fantasy Battles, but has more depth and realism than WFB, or so I believe. Characters and elite troops in Warhammer just dominated the field and as I got older I wanted to see more realistic games, where troops get tired and characters can be slain by the hands of commoners, and that’s what Three Plains is all about really. I know that mixing the words realistic and fantasy together sounds silly, but that’s what Three Plains is. For instance, take the ‘March Over Rule’: it means you can march straight over characters which would otherwise hold up entire units of men.

Reading this you might think it’s all my own work, but you would be wrong, as many people have put something in the game over the years now; far too many to mention. Then again, the game testers Tom, Alex, Matty and Trish have really shaped the game and brought it on more recently. Also my partner, Zaina Ayoob who is a great artist, does loads of art for this site and my games. So thank you so much my love 🙂

At the moment I would say the game is half finished, as I have some massive plans for it next year, like adding 3 more armies and adding a siege game on to it as well. So, we have our work cut out for us and, eh, better get back to it…


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