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Black Land Trolls

Black Land Trolls Download

The vast deserts of the Black Lands are broken up by massive stretches of foul smelling waters called the Black Guts, and there dwells a truly terrible creature.

This beast is a particularly nasty type of troll; it has a large fleshy grey body, which creates the most horrible stench wherever it goes. It has huge claws and is terrifically strong, and like all Trolls, it can regenerate wounded flesh very quickly, which would easily kill most other beasts.

This beast’s stink is so bad that most other creatures will flee its presence rather than stand and face the beast in battle.

This beast’s stench is so bad that it burns eyes and forces tears to stream out uncontrollably from their victims’ faces. Some will even become ill and vomit it’s that bad.

These beasts’ stink protects them from their enemies, because as you can imagine, attacking one is made incredibly difficult with their smell, which would drive anything away.

On the battlefield these monstrous Black Land Trolls are herded towards the frightened enemy, where they will rip their foes apart with their bare hands. The monsters will bite and tear at the enemy’s flesh, and crush those who remain with their immense bulk.

Even if the enemy fatally wounds one of these beasts, it will soon heal itself and come at them again, filled with even more rage than before!


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