Black Lands Wolf Spiders & Orc Beast Masters Download Page


Black Lands Wolf Spiders & Orc Beast Masters

Black Lands Wolf Spiders & Orc Beast Masters Download Page

Unlike the rest of Many, there is not many things to eat in the Black Lands, and most creatures have to scratch out a living there just to survive.

However, there are plenty of things that fly over the wastes, and the Giant Wolf Spiders have evolved an extraordinary way to get at these rare meals.

Amazingly these large intelligent spiders work together to shoot their web balls at their airborne prey to knock them out of the sky. As their prey struggles to get free and back up into the air again, these cunning arachnid packs pounce on and poison their prey with their giant fangs.

When they struggle no more, only then will the spiders feast upon their partly liquefied flesh, which has been dissolved by toxins in their poison.

Even though these packs of spiders can just about live on anything, they will not touch Orc meat, which is most likely because of its extremely tough, chewy and sour taste.

Thanks to the foul taste of Orcs, and these intelligent arachnids living in packs, has made it possible for the Orcs to use them for hunting and making war upon their enemies.

The Orcs of the Black Lands have learned to harness these special arachnids’ skills in battle. They use these eight legged monsters because they do not have any flying machines or beasts to call into battle to challenge an airborne enemy in the skies. So, they rely on their packs of Giant Wolf Spiders to shoot these flying threats down.
Under the direction of their beast masters, the Wolf Spider will choose a target, and will spit dozens of web balls up at them in the air. If enough of these sticky balls hit their mark, it will slow them down and could even force flying beasts to the ground.

Once grounded, their beast masters will unleash their Wolf Spiders upon their victim. They will pounce upon their prey and drive their giant fags into their flesh, pumping their lethal poison into their victim.

So deadly is their venom, that one drop will kill a man instantly. Bigger creatures can resist their poison for a while, but it will always kill them in the end.

Giant Wolf Spiders are fast, agile in combat, and they can even cast their webs at other nimble enemies to entangle them. Also, most living things have a healthy fear of all things that crawl on eight legs, which can frighten lesser warriors in combat and even drive them off the battlefield.

Although, for those who stand up against these over grown arachnids will find their exoskeletons are not too tough and can easily be sliced through with most good iron or steal blades. In fact most warriors will have no trouble despatching these over grown insects in battle.

Nevertheless, the bigger monsters will always avoid conflict with these creatures, as just one unlucky bite from their fangs means it’s all over for them regardless of how many they squish in battle!


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