Free Online Strategy War Games Why Don’t You Try Three Plains

If browsing through the stacks of Free Online Strategy War Games, you can find on the internet, your about to discover a real gem and perhaps the best one out there so far.

This game is one of the few tabletop strategy war games you can ‘FULLY’ download and all for totally free. The game in question is called Three Plains.

Three Plains is a fantasy tabletop wargame, with Dragons, Orcs, Dwarves and Elves, all fighting it out on the gaming board in very realistic pitched battle. Will as realistic as you can get for the fantasy genre anyway ;).

Free Online Strategy War Games Try Three Plains

Three Plains’ wargaming system goes toe to toe with the very parlour and well known wargaming system of Warhammer Fantasy by Games Workshop. Yet Three Plains doesn’t just match it, it goes much deeper and as a result is a much more dripping game.

As Free Online Strategy War Games goes, Three Plains is pretty good one then and to say it’s free too it’s even better.

Also Three Plains goes a step further with the online concept, with it having its own gaming pieces to print off and use on the battlefield, which really does cut out really all of the cost of wargaming. So you really can download this entire online right know.

As Free Online Strategy War Games Go, So How Does it Play

Free Online Strategy War Games rules usually only span over 15 pages, which only outline the very basics happenings on a battlefield. So as a result, gamers are usually left making up rules or lend them from other systems cover up the patches in the game.

Three Plains’ rulebook spans over nearly 50 pages of new and exciting rules and does not span you with fluff either. Warhammer Fantasy may have hundreds of pages to its main rule book, but 80% of that is just fluff and art work.

Free Online Strategy War Games why dont you try Three Plains

On top on simulating a very realistic battle, Three Plains’ game size can be expanded as big as you want it and its design allows it to run extremely quickly, without it dragging on like some other games do. But despise its smooth and quick run time Three Plains has loads of unique features such as ‘Endurance’, the Halfwit Piece, ‘Dashing’ and much more.

So if your wargaming on a budget or just don’t what to spend a fortune and looking for a really good system, complete with its own figures then Three Plains is for you.

Though don’t take my word for it, as you can find out for yourself, as Three Plains is a Free Online Strategy War Game. So it’s going to cost you nothing to find out, so what do you have to lose eh.

Click HERE you get your own copy of Three Plains now!

  • Trevor posted: 18 Apr at 1:19 am

    Looking good. I found your site originally by looking for a set of fantasy rules, and yours surpassed any one-line ones I found, including the professional fantasy variant for the Ancient Wargames rules I play, Basic Impetus.

  • Dave posted: 18 Apr at 7:54 am

    Thanks Trevor =O),

    Funny you would say that Trevor, because I started off looking online too for a good system too before I wrote Three Plains, but… mmm… well I found that Games Workshop’s Fantasy system was really the only one out there which cut it for me.

    However, with Games Workshops’ prices I wrote Three Plains as a money saving alterative to Warhammer Fantasy. But also as I have mentioned in previous posts, the Warhammer Fantasy system is, I‘m sorry to say (because I did love it at one time when I was younger) floored. The problem is in its Combat Points and Breaking System, which really is a bigger, as the whole game pivots round it.

     Like I said to Matt before…

    “The problem is it does not truly reflect the benefits of having weaker and more highly numbered units’ on the battlefield. For instance, 5 Chaos Knights could and should overwhelm 20 Goblins. However, if the there was 50+ Goblins the unit, the same Chaos Knight would break them again just as easy with no extra effort.

    This is a major failing of Warhammer Fantasy, as it reflects throughout its game play. Because, it does not seem to matter what you throw against hard troops or how you catch them in combat, either flanking them or attacking them in the rear. In fact you are just helping these troops, with them killing far more combat points worth of troops than they lose for being flanked or having a unit in the rear or losing their ranks”.

    There are other things wrong with the system, but it is/was the best out there I had seen for the fantasy genre. So I thought I could do better and gave it a go.

    Though I have to say I own a lot to the GW system, as it laid the foundations for Three Plains, but Three Plains now I feel really has left GW’s Fantasy behind, especially with the new rules we are game testing at the moment.

    Really Three Plains is the result of observation, creative thinking and just listening to other war gamers out there, as some of the best ideas in the game are actually other peoples. For instance, you wrote to me and suggested units should able to split up. I thought was good realistic idea, so because of the ‘lore of commonsense’ it’s now in there and will out with the next version of the game.

    Thanks Mate