The Giant Wolf Spiders have been Released!

Hi everyone,

As the title suggests, the Giant Wolf Spiders have been released!


Black Lands Wolf Spiders & Orc Beast Masters Download Page





The Wolf Spiders for the Orcs have been Finished

Hi all,

Good news, I have finished the Giant Wolf Spiders, yah!

Here is a few pictures of the new models. Some of the pictures of them are of them in their first Battle against the Elves with TristanSykes1994 being the Orcs and myself being the Elves. I lost, but boy that was a close run battle!

TristanSykes1994 got so desperate that had to sacrifice a Ors Slinger unit, using the Ring of Sacrifice to draw enough magical power to save his dwindling Iron Maiden unit and blast the last of the Elves to bits before they could finished her off. Well played Sir 

To learn more about the Black Land Orc Wolf Spiders, you can do by visiting this link here:

Btw, very soon I will release the new Wolf Spiders to the Patrons and Inner Circle Members of Epic and then a week later I will release them to the general public.

Take care and thanks for popping by