Blue Orcs armed with Shield & Hand Weapons Download Page


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Blue Orcs armed with Shield & Hand Weapons

Blues Orcs armed with Shields & Hand Weapons Download Page

Blue Orcs are completely insane! They’re so mad that other Orcs drive them out of the caravans, but, no matter how mad they are, the bond between mother and her blue children is still strong. So they trail their mother’s caravan everywhere it goes, only appearing to fight alongside the rest of their green brothers in battle.

What’s odd about the Blue Orcs, is that there was no record of them before the Orcs were forced to dwell in the Black Lands. Some wizards speculate that they have come about because of their mothers eating excessive amounts of Tears, which must have contaminated the developing infants in their womb. The Wizards, who argued this point, said it would explain their natural resilience to magic and their blue complexion, which is all true.


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