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Carnages, their Cages and Keepers

Carnage, and its Cage and Keeper

Trolls cannot die of old age like most other creatures do, as they have the uncanny ability to regenerate.

In the wild, their numbers are kept in check by their predators and other natural causes of death. However, for those Trolls who stand the test of time will grow tougher and stronger than the rest of their kind. Yet their small and meagre minds were never meant to last forever…

As more and more time passes these beasts will go completely crazy and become a lot more dangerous.

Unlike most other races, Black Land Orcs do not see this as a failing. In fact, they use it to their advantage on the battlefield.

If a Black Land Troll is unlucky enough to survive a good number of battles, they will be turned into a Carnage.

Their entire body will have iron plates of armour with sharp spikes protruding out bolted into them. The bolts will be screwed directly into the beasts’ bone to hold its armour into place. All their claws will be ripped out and burnt to stop them from regenerating back. Then they will have long metal blades inserted, causing the beast unbelievable amounts of constant agony.

This process will put the beasts through immense and unspeakable pain, which would easily kill weaker creatures. However, because of the Troll’s ability to regenerate, they endure and are forced to live like this indefinitely.

This cruel and evil miss treatment of these beasts soon drive them insane, which makes them far more deadlier in battle then they ever were before!

These demented and hate filled creatures are wheeled out onto the battlefield in massive Iron boxes, as they are too dangerous to release before a battle.

One would think that as soon as they are released they would attack the nearest thing they can get hold of, being their masters, but they do not. Instead they always burst out of their iron prisons and charge strait towards the enemy every time.

The Orcs’ secret is to have all of their slaves do all the torturous handling of the Carnages.

So the slave handlers are responsible for bolting on their rusty iron plates, and they are also forced to whip and stab at them to build up their hate toward their race. Whilst the Orcs will feed them and remove their iron plates if needed.

Over time the Carnages come to despise their slave handlers and see the Orcs as the ‘caring’ ones. Because Orcs take slaves from all other races, the Carnages grow to hate them all, whilst the Orcs look good in their eyes.

This cruel method saves the Orcs from becoming a victim of their own monstrous creations on the battlefield when they release them upon their enemies.

However, such is the hate filled demented nature of these beasts, they cannot be controlled even by Orc Beast Masters when they are released from their iron boxes. Instead, they are always allowed to bolt across the battlefield and attack the enemy, ripping and tearing them to bits on their own.

In combat, it cannot be underestimated how deadly these creatures are. They can just about tear through any good unit of warriors fielded in battle. They can rip to bits cavalry, armoured man and horse alike with their bare hands. Even other beasts their own size and bigger fear them in combat, because of just how wild they are when they fight. They will never stop killing once released, even on the brink of death, they will just keep on fighting.

The only thing, which will stop a hate filled frenzied Carnage in combat is utter exhaustion and nothing else! In fact, they are more likely to drop dead of fatigue than any mortal wound the enemy can inflict upon them in a fight.

If a Carnage survives a battle, they will undoubtedly collapse of utter exhaustion, and be very close to death.

Only then will their masters dare to recover their war-torn bodies. They will see to it they will live on to fight in their next battle – continuing the Troll’s living nightmare…


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