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Grand Rider of Herlanceia

Grand Rider of Herlanceia Download Page

In the War of Lies, where Herlanceia was served a crushing defeat at the battle of Havack, which forced Herlanceian into a humiliating defeat, Grand General Hicarry and others blamed the tragedy on the Herlanceian military having no decent cavalrymen to call into battle.

After this devastating war, it was clear that Herlanceia needed well armoured cavalry units, and so established the Heavy Riders of Herlanceia.

Training and equipping these new heavier cavalry units was a break from Herlanceia’s usual military tradition of relying on large infantry blocks, who were supported by light horsemen in battle. However, the Heavy Riders of Herlanceia soon proved themselves in battle time and time again. Eventually, more resources and gold was poured into developing these new divisions of cavalry, and now all of Herlanceia’s armies all have well trained equestrians ready to fight and defend her.

The Heavy Riders are Herlanceia’s answer to basic armoured cavalry. They are well trained, reliable and are great for smashing into ranks of poorly armed infantry. Though they are not the best of the Middle Plain’s horse warriors has to offer, the Heavy Riders can still hold their own against most other race’s armoured horsemen in battle.


Note: These print and play model sheets come in a PDF file, which uses ‘Layers’. The layers allow different coloured models to be printed out in the same page of a PDF file. To switch the models’ colours in the PDF file, locate the Navigation Panel on the left side of the Acrobat window and click on the Layers icon. This opens up the Layers Navigation panel. From there, simply click on or off the little ‘Eye’ icons to control the different colours you want your models to be printed in. You can also open the Layers panel by choosing View > Navigation Panels > Layers.


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