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Herlanceian Character Sheet

Herlanceian Character Sheet

Grand Generals

A grand general’s learning is said to be equal to that of the finest scholars of Sissilk, as they spend many years at special war academies schooled in the arts of warfare and nothing else.

The Grand General’s might lays in their intelligence, however they do falter in combat as they only undergo the most basic of melee training, which just allows them to fight themselves out of the odd sticky situation.

(Crack & Corn War Lords)

The days of the warlord may be lingering for this style of generalship, well… some say anyway, but what is true is that they are not over yet.

The Crackon is a title awarded to the leaders of the war bands of Crack & Corn Warriors who value strength and skill with a blade above all else. Crackons are the finest examples of their kind, and are unmatched in combat, proving themselves many times over in battle. These battle harden veterans can boast of many victories under their belts, all won by busting skulls down on the front lines and mucking in with the rest of their men.

But, sadly times are changing and many of these head strong warriors have found themselves being out-witted even by an infestation of Groggs.

Garrison Masters

Across the length and breadth of Herlanceia are well placed and well managed garrisons and at the helm of each one is a Garrison Master.

Battle hardened and natural leaders, it is their job to train the new generations of Herlanceian Guards for tomorrow’s wars and their battles.

In smaller skirmishes, often a Garrison Master will be sent by a Grand General alone, accompanied by their garrison to crush an outpost of pirates or bandits or to exterminate a small infestation of Groggs, which have taken hold. But whatever their orders may be, Garrison Masters are dependable and strong leaders, quite able to lead a unit or even a small army to victory.

People’s Champions

Herlanceia’s taverns are always humming with the latest deeds of their champions, such as victories from the battlefield, slaying some great beast or the newest king of the arena.

So, in times of war, these great Heroes of the people are called to the battlefield, by their lords or masters bidding, or just because they fancy a change of scene, but in any case, they are always welcome.

Battle Standard Bearer

Carrying the armies pride into battle is a great honour and is the job of the army’s Battle Standard Bearer, which is a duty only reserved for the best of the warriors of the Herlanceian army. Therefore, the warrior who is charged with this special honour, is no standard warrior by any means, but is the army’s champion and has earned the right to bear such an honour through blood spilt and unwavering loyalty to Herlanceia.


Oh, what a waste of great potential in the times of the dark Elf occupation, where all those great minds were lost.

Nevertheless, Hadrian and Lysander soon made sure that humanities gift of magic was no longer wasted, with them re-establishing magic guilds throughout Herlanceia.

Herlanceian Battle Wizards are skilful magic casters, well trained in their arts and more than able to match most of Many’s other mages.

The Numpty (Halfwits)

“Send me the Numpty” says the general, “you know, the one everyone hates and can’t understand why he’s even here, I’ve got a special job for him!”


Note: These print and play model sheets come in a PDF file, which uses ‘Layers’. The layers allow different coloured models to be printed out in the same page of a PDF file. To switch the models’ colours in the PDF file, locate the Navigation Panel on the left side of the Acrobat window and click on the Layers icon. This opens up the Layers Navigation panel. From there, simply click on or off the little ‘Eye’ icons to control the different colours you want your models to be printed in. You can also open the Layers panel by choosing View > Navigation Panels > Layers.


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