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Herlanceian Halberd Men

Herlanceian Halberd Men

Largely charged with protecting Herlanceia’s realms, Herlanceian Guards were the first of Arcmerit Moonhand’s professional soldiers. They are kept at great expense to Herlanceia, so the Arcmerit ensures they are never left idle. So the Herlanceian Guard can be found fighting all across the world of Many, safeguarding Herlanceia’s interests and at other times keeping the peace and guarding her shores from any invaders who dare to set foot on Herlanceian soil.

The Herlanceian Guards are good, reliable and professional troops that the Arcmerit can always count on in times of need.


Note: These print and play model sheets come in a PDF file, which uses ‘Layers’. The layers allow different coloured models to be printed out in the same page of a PDF file. To switch the models’ colours in the PDF file, locate the Navigation Panel on the left side of the Acrobat window and click on the Layers icon. This opens up the Layers Navigation panel. From there, simply click on or off the little ‘Eye’ icons to control the different colours you want your models to be printed in. You can also open the Layers panel by choosing View > Navigation Panels > Layers.


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