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Imperial Enforcers

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The Imperial Enforcers are made up of 6th generation Elves and their purer blood lines clearly shows over their lesser Outer Guard children. Enforcers are much quicker, faster and more cunning in combat than their sons could ever hope to be.

Other than providing the Empire’s armies with a key elite infantry unit on the field of battle, Enforcers are also charged with protecting all the inner sanctums of the Empire. So if the Outer Watch fails to hold back the enemy, leaving the raiders free to cut deep within the Empire. These filthy vermin will no doubt eventually clash with the mighty Imperial Enforcers of the Empire and that is where their raid will be put a to a very bloody end indeed.

But alas, the Imperial Enforcers numbers are very few indeed. If there was only more to bring to the fight, then maybe the world would tremble under the Imperial Empire’s might once more.


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