Imperial Outer Watch with Halberds Download Page



Imperial Outer Watch with Halberds

 Imperial Outer Watch with Halberds Download Page

In Imperial Elf society, all Elves are not equal. As the blood thins over the generations, Elves are separated into many different castes, determined solely on their generation and the lowest caste in the Empire is the Outer Watch.

The Watch make up the core fighting force for the Empire. They may be the lowest generation of Elf, but their very thin divine blood still allows them to outperform many of their foes in all basic elements of warfare.

In times of peace, these fine warriors can be found across the Empire protecting key targets and forever fending off the vermin raiders from the Empire’s vast borders.

For the Elves, the Outer Watch are numerous and expendable, as they are not permitted to breed any further beyond their generation. Also, with the Watch’s greater numbers and their senses still being much higher than the averaged mortal’s, they still make for very impressive foot soldiers.


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