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Imperial Strider Riders – War Mountain Goat Division

Imperial Strider Riders - War Mountain Goat Division Download Page

The last generation of Elves, the Candles will be assigned for life many lowly duties, such as; overseeing groups of slaves on farms or mills. Or they could be sent away to become a watchman or archer in the Imperial Army. The really lucky ones however, just by chance will serve the Empire as an Imperial Strider Rider.

The Striders are the fast footed and lightly armoured skirmished cavalry of the Empire. These skilful mounted riders are able to launch ranged attacks upon the enemy whilst still on the move and are also quite capable in combat.

Strider Riders spend most of their time patrolling the vast Golden Empire, and in times of war they are tasked with scouting ahead of their army to search for enemy activity and other dangers that might lay ahead. Their role within the Empire can be a dangerous one, but out there on their own with only their abilities and their wits to keep them alive, makes for a far more exciting life than a typical Watchmen’s.

There are two main divisions of Striders, which are the Horse and Mountain War Goat Riders.

The Horse Division of Strider Riders are the faster force of the two, but are poor at navigating mountainous terrain, which the Golden Empire is littered in, and they are week in combat. Whereas their counterparts the Mountain Goat Division can travel over highly rocky terrain as easily as if it was open ground, and fair much better in melee combat.

The Mountain War Goat ability to go over mountainous terrain is truly extraordinary! At a mere click of an Elf General’s fingers there can be up and over a seemingly an impossible to climb cliff in an instant!

The War Goat is a savage fighter in combat, often charging in and head butting its enemies knocking them down to the ground. This head butt can be so brutal; it can even kill a Man outright on contact! Also, the War Goat is an incredibly tough beast. They have thin white wiry coats, covering their meaty muscular bodies, which are held together by their extremely strong bones. These beasts can fall of a mountain and still get up as if they just took a little tumble!

Despite the Mountain War Goat’s girth, in melee combat these beasts are extremely agile, dodge and weaving blows as well as most 5th and even 4th generation Elves can.

The Mountain War Goat may only be a skirmished division of the Golden Empire’s legions, but they should not be underestimated in combat. These plucky Riders have even been known to survive and hold their own against charging Herlanceian Grand Riders, which is no small feat for a skirmished unit of cavalry!


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