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Orc Archers with no Armour

Orc Archers with no Armour Download Page

Though the average Grunt usually favours wielding an axe or club, some do naturally lean towards the bow. These Grunts spend many years developing their bowman-ship skills and many have to admit they actually make quite good, effective bowman.

Orcs are in no way master craftsmen, but they often favour making their own weapons and take great pride in this. These homemade weapons often do them a disservice, as they are usually of a low quality, but with the Orc Bow, this ‘homemade’ approach has resulted in a bow, which is a cross between a half descent missile weapon and nasty club, and is known as the Spiked Bow. The Spiked Bow can be used as a normal bow, but if the enemy gets a little too close, it can be used as a pretty nasty spiked club as well.

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