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Orc Bull riding a Chariot

Orc Bull riding a Chariot Download Page

Snortmaidens may rule the roost, but all the minor squabbles and the rest of the general day to day running of an Orc Caravan is left to the Bulls to sort out.

Bull Orcs are marked out for greatness from birth, being bigger, stronger and just a tiny bit more intelligent than the rest of their litter. Having these key advantages, they soon bully their way up through the ranks and are only stopped by another dominant Bull.

Working their way to the top often leads to scraps, which can often result in the death of a young Bull, and it is only the rising stars of the caravans that have enough stamina and cunning to tip the scales in their favour, over a battle hardened veteran, who can often be their own father.

A mature Bull can reach 9 foot tall and is always terrifically strong, even able to wrestle a fully grown Troll to the ground, killing them with their bare hands. Such is the killing power and resolve of these creatures that some Bulls have gone down in history as the greatest War lords that the Middle Plain has ever seen.

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