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Professional Mercenaries with Hand Weapons & Shields

Professional Mercenaries with Hand Weapons & Shields Model

Most wars are fought to bring peace, but peace has its own victims too. After each Great War, soon the taverns become filled with ‘retired’ soldiers, as now they find themselves without work for the first time in years. The best years of their life’s have been spend fighting for king and country, but now they are too old to learn a new trade and after they pay has gone, they have little or nothing to fall back on. So one war has ended, but the fight still goes on for these veterans.

Because these destitute men have very little choice, they turn to Warlords and War Bosses who raid, sack, plunder and murder for gold and lands, but at least they will put gold in their pockets, feed them and put a roof over their heads.

So not all of these soldiers are ‘Bad Men’, instead they are professionals and as professionals, they are only doing what others have trained them to do.


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