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Saws armed with Two Saw Blades

Saws armed with Two Saw Blades

A battle group of Orc Saws can be best described as a big ‘Gang’, much like young human children can form gangs, having to have one key item to enter the gang and Orc Saws are no different. However, the key item to get into their gang is either two fair-sized hand Saw Blades (used like two swords) or a whopping great big Saw Blade (used just like a Long Sword).

When an Orc possesses such a weapon it is a testimony to just how many battles they have fought in, and shows off their skills as a weapons smith. This is because from the day an Orc is born, they are never given any weapons or armour or even much in the way of any help at all! Instead they are totally on their own from day one. So a young Orc, even if they survive their childhood, has to gather, scavenge, plunder, kill for and build all their own weapons and armour for themselves. This alone can take the best part of an Orc’s life to achieve.

Only the most skilled, fearless and so finest Orc warriors stand any chance of crafting a Saw Blade. This ensures that only the best join a Saw gang, making the Saws the Black Land army’s elite fighting force.

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