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Ancient Elf writings tell of a race which raised itself out of the mire and soon infested the lands, only to foul them wherever they appeared. They showed no regard or respect for the oldest races, such as the Elves and the Dwarves, unlike some of the other younger ones, who did. Some even hailed them to be Gods. But all that came crashing down as soon as this new menace challenged their supremacy, knocking them off their pedestal, and forever ending the Dwarf’s and the Elf’s Golden Age.

As the Elves and Dwarves fell in battle at the hands of this new green menace, the rest of the new races saw that their Gods were in fact mortals, like they themselves, and so denounced them, leaving their sides forever. The sackers of the Elf’s and Dwarf’s Golden Age had gone by many curses, but the one name which stuck, and which they became known by for the rest of time was ‘ORC’, which in old Dwarfish means ‘Vandal’.

An Orc warband though a little unpredictable, is thing of brute force. The Orcs rely on their sheer weight of numbers and thuggish strength to subdue their opponents.


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