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Today the people of Herlanceia stand alone against the rest of Many’s powerful races, as one of the free and defiant nations of Man Kind on the Middle Plain. Though this was not always so… Once this proud people were enchained into slavery by the cold dark Elf imperium. However, try as they might, the Elves could never break the human spirit! So eventually the Humans rebelled and banished the Elves back across the seas.

Since then, the Herlanceians have grown in strength and numbers, and now seek to forge their mighty empire. They dream of creating an empire that will rival any other on the Middle Plain, even one that would rival Elves, their old masters.

Such an empire can only be won on the bloody field of battle. So this defiant nation must make ready for war. They must train their warriors, build mighty war machines and harness monstrous beasts to fight for them, but will they have the great leaders necessary to lead them to victory on the battlefield… only time will tell…

The Herlanceian Army List offers a player a wide range of pieces to field, such as standard infantry, cavalry and war machines. The Herlanceian army also has plenty of special units too, such as Herlanceian Grand Guard and The Men of Crack & Corn Mountains.

However, it has been said that the Herlanceian army is a Jack of all trades, but a master of none…. But others believe that their flexibility is what makes them far stronger than most on the battlefield.


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