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The Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden of the Black Land Orcs P&P Model

In Orc society, simple that it is, it’s the ladies who always go first. Orc Females, also known as Snortmaidens, are highly regarded amongst their own kind, making them the unquestionable leaders of their caravans. This is partly because Snortmaidens are so rare, for every one thousand Orcs born there is only usually one infant Snortmaiden delivered. Yet a single snortmaiden can birth many tens of thousands of Orc Grunts and Bulls in her lifetime, who all of course love their mum. The other reason why Snortmaidens are so revered by their own kind is they are the brains behind the brutish brawn of the green skins. In fact, snortmaidens have been known to be quite cunning, even out witting Elvin generals, at times.


In times of war, Snortmaidens are carried up high on an iron palanquin by their finest sons and are dubbed Iron Maidens by all those who fight against them. They surround themselves with sheets of iron and iron spikes to ward off arrow fire and prodding spears. Unusually for the Orcs, the palanquin is highly decorated with gold and gems that they have plundered over the years. The snortmaidens like to show off their status to the other snortmaidens and to look at their best in front of all the boys, in the hope of catching the eye of any new potential suitors.


Somehow manna congeals into a solid form and can be found in abundance in the Black Lands. This raw solid manna forms perfect blue spheres of all different sizes and are often called Tears, as it is believed by some to be the tears of gods long since forgotten.


Once, the green blood lacked any potential for magic, which was until they were forced to dwell in the Black Lands. This led the snortmaidens to discover that if they ingested raw Tears, it granted them the power to cast magic. Now snortmaidens have their Grunts or slaves to collect as many tears as they can find, so that they may eat them and be granted the power to cast magic to their own ends.


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