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The Marshals

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The Ombudsmen who oversee the fair and just rule of Herlanceia, have their own private army of defenders to ensure they are protected and their wishes are carried out. These men are known as the Marshals of the Ombudsmen, and are hand pick by the order from the regular Herlanceian military for their outstanding dedication and loyalty.

It is a great honour to become a Marshal, because they are only chosen for their loyalty and good conscience, and because they always put their duties first, above all other things. When the ordinary soldiers can be found gambling and hoarding their gold away on their leave, you will never find a Marshal partaking in such lowly activities in their spare time.

Once a Marshal has been selected, they are relocated to a secret training camp for the next one full high moon. After their special training has been completed, they are sent back to their legion to form their own special unit apart from the regular Herlanceian Guardsmen.

The Marshals are expected to fight alongside the rest of the regular Herlanceian army and they will even take the majority of their orders from their local Garrison Master or Grand General as the other soldiers do. However, from time to time they will receive secret orders from their true masters, the Ombudsmen and be sent off on their own special missions. These special duties always take priority over all other orders from their Garrison Master and even their Grand General.

In battle, the Marshals wear light armour and carry great war hammers, which can smash through even the thickest of shields with a single blow. Their great war hammers also serve as their symbol for their units of infantry on the battlefield.

Other than being good warriors in battle, what most commanders’ note about the Marshals is their supreme discipline, which goes far and above the ordinary soldiers. This makes these infantrymen particularly good at following orders and pulling off the trickier manoeuvres during a battle, when other lesser fighters would falter.


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