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The Men of Crack & Corn

 The Men of Crack & Corn Download Page

The Men of Crack & Corn Mountains are the ones who held out against the Elf invaders for 200 years and led the first push against them in the rebellion, which led to the freeing of Herlanceia.

Yes, the people of Herlanceia owe the Men of the Mountains everything, but sadly they suffered the most casualties in the rebellion and now only a few of them remain. However, for those who do remain, are just as tough and hardy as their forefathers were so long ago.

In times of war, the men of the Crack & Corn Mountains are never idle and instead are always the first to arrive at Arcmerit Moonhand’s side, often fighting to the bitter end.

They are natural fighters, but care little for ranks and file and pride themselves instead on individual combat with the enemy. They paint themselves with a magic paint called Ro, which is painted all around their bodies, because they believe it gives them the blessing of their god Roar.


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