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The Righteous

The Righteous Download Page

To those who do not understand the followers of ‘Ronnic’, its monks can seem extreme and insane to onlookers. Though, you would not dare speak of it aloud, as you would be dragged off and burnt alive at the stake for being a heretic.

It is said that each monk undergoes horrendous painful trials, which leaves them disfigured and scarred from head to toe for the rest of their lives. At the end of their trials, they either are dead or have learnt to master the pain, freeing up the rest of their mortal minds for the contemplation of Ronnic, or so they believed…

Often nicknamed the ‘The Righteous’, the Monks of Ronnic have been known to turn up unannounced just before a battle begins to fight the enemy heathens. Why…? Only the Grand High Ronnic knows why. Yet as they will always fight to the death, usually generals are quite happy to fight alongside them, even if they do get in the way sometimes.


Note: These print and play model sheets come in a PDF file, which uses ‘Layers’. The layers allow different coloured models to be printed out in the same page of a PDF file. To switch the models’ colours in the PDF file, locate the Navigation Panel on the left side of the Acrobat window and click on the Layers icon. This opens up the Layers Navigation panel. From there, simply click on or off the little ‘Eye’ icons to control the different colours you want your models to be printed in. You can also open the Layers panel by choosing View > Navigation Panels > Layers.


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