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Tabers and their Orc Piper Masters

Tabers and their Orc Piper Masters

A Taber is a large flightless bird which stands nearly as tall as a man and its body is covered with a coat of thick colourful blue feathers. The Taber has a large, orange hooked shape beak that could easily slice a man’s arm clean off and has razor sharp claws able to disembowel a man in the blink of an eye.

Many an unsuspecting traveller has met a gruesome end due to the packs of Tabers, which roam the Black Lands in a constant search for anything to devour, including other smaller and weaker packs of Tabers.

Unusually for a predator, Tabers are a highly decorated creature and always stand out from their surroundings. Normally for a predator, this would work to their disadvantage, but the Tabers use their bright colours to herd their prey into traps or off cliffs, which displays their high intelligence. When you see a lone Taber on the horizon, your first instinct would be to run in the opposite direction and soon you would find yourself in a Taber trap or facing the edge of a cliff. Then you must jump or get pounced on by an entire pack of hungry Tabers and eaten alive.

Even though these beasts are generally hated and feared by all, Orcs recognise a kindred spirit in these beasts and have domesticated them, well; to a large extent anyway… The Orcs use them to guard livestock and in times of war herd them into battle to unleash them on their enemies, ripping and tearing the lightly armoured enemy troops to shreds.


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