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‘Three Plains’ is a tabletop fantasy wargame, where two or more players compete against each other with “armies” consisting of small figures, which are downloaded, printed off and assembled by the players themselves. All the general rules are described in the Three Plains Rulebook.


Three Plains V3 B Ecover


his book and the rules themselves are designed to be used on a table top gaming board surface, simulating combat on a battlefield in a fair and balanced manner. However games may be played on any appropriate surface, although the standard is a 6 foot by 4 foot tabletop decorated with model scenery in scale with the miniatures. Any individual or group of miniatures in the game is called a “Gaming Piece”, whether represented by a single model, or group of similar troops.

Three Plains is largely set on the Second Plain on the World of Many Names, so called because no race will acknowledge any of the other races names, although all have a word for ‘Many’ and over the years ‘Many’ has become the bilingual name for their World. The World of ‘Many’ much resembles an ancient earth long past, with warlords running amuck and empires throwing their weight around, and with great individuals, who are commonly known as Hero’s, Lords and Wizards. These great heroes face each other on the field of battle where some will rise and others fall, but all will pass into legend. This world also has its share of beasts too, Dragons, Ogres, Wyverns and hundreds more roam the lands of ‘Many’ plaguing the younger fire-making races.

“I hope you enjoy playing ‘Three Plains’ as much as I have putting it all together for you, thank you.”


David Louis Scholes

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