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Herlanceian Wizard Riding a Red Giffin

Garrison Master Riding a Red Giffin & Play Warriors

There are many flying creatures across the Middle Plain, but none is as loyal or ferocious as the Red Griffons of Herlanceia.

These beasts are the most nimble and agile of all the larger flying beasts upon the Middle Plain. They are respected for their graceful flight and feared for their killing power in combat.

Despite their size, Griffins are known to fight to the death against creatures many times their own size. Even a proud and mighty dragon will think twice before tackling one of these fiery tempered beasts. It is their immense speed, agility, ferocity and their determination to win that usually gives Griffins an edge over many of their larger adversaries in battle.

The Red Griffin is only found in Herlanceia, at the Mountains of Teas, where they live and hunt in good numbers. The men of Herlanceia learned a long time ago how to ride these magnificent winged creatures, and they have accompanied them in battle ever since.

Note: These print and play model sheets come in a PDF file, which uses ‘Layers’. The layers allow different coloured models to be printed out in the same page of a PDF file. To switch the models’ colours in the PDF file, locate the Navigation Panel on the left side of the Acrobat window and click on the Layers icon. This opens up the Layers Navigation panel. From there, simply click on or off the little ‘Eye’ icons to control the different colours you want your models to be printed in. You can also open the Layers panel by choosing View > Navigation Panels > Layers.


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