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Here’s more about Three Plains the ‘Game’

So what exactly is ‘Three Plains’ I hear you cry! Well… ‘Three Plains’ is a tabletop Old World Fantasy 15mm Wargame, where two or more players compete against each other with ‘Armies’ consisting of small figures, which are downloaded, printed off and assembled by the players themselves. All the general rules are described in this book and the rules themselves are designed to be used on a table top gaming board surface, simulating combat on a battlefield in a fair and balanced manner. However, games may be played on any appropriate surface. Although, the standard is a 6 foot by 4-foot tabletop decorated with model scenery, which is in scale with the 15mm Three Plains miniature warriors.

The Old World of Many

Three Plains is set on the World of ‘Many’, which it is a vast and ancient world, covered by huge seas and oceans teeming with all manners of life and is well travelled by sail ships of war and trade. Many’s waters are broken up by her islands and continents, which have numerous different lands upon them, such as never-ending deserts, lush jungles and forests, rolling green plains and lifeless lands of ice and fire to name just a few.

This is a rich and diverse world, yet Many’s peoples are always making war against each other! With the rise of the new races, it has brought fears competition for resources, which usually translates into bloody and destructive battles. There are the Humans of Herlanceia, who have cast off their chains of slavery and have finally banded together to forge a mighty new republic, which aggressively guards its growing interests across Many. The Orcs have returned from out of the Black Lands and are on the move, killing and plundering all who stand in their way. The Vile, a race of demons trapped in this Plain by their enchanted metal armour are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in this world. The Lords of the Woods will no longer stand by and watch their great forests be pillaged, raped and destroyed by the greedy Fire Makers all around them. The Drackin or Children of Fallax, who was the Creator’s last son, have staked their claim in this world and are looking to expand into new territories, whatever the cost in blood. The Dwarfs and Elves have stopped their decline and aim to retake their dominion over this planet again, and will not hesitate to crush any who stand in their way. Also, the Demons from the Lower Plains may have been defeated long ago, but they still rise up in huge demon hosts from time to time to create bloody mayhem upon this world if left unchallenged. Even the Dead cannot rest, as they are summoned back to this world by foul and dark Necromancers and driven to make war upon the living.

Immense armies and hordes may clash upon the battlefield to destroy one another, but often, one great individual can make all the difference in the conflict. These blessed beings are commonly known as Hero’s, Lords or Wizards. These great individuals stand out amongst their own kind because they are blessed with more strength, agility, intelligence or have magical powers. Their immense talents are marked out by their epic deeds on the battlefield, as some can slay monsters, lead entire armies to victory and defy death himself. Whatever their deeds though, they are distinct among their own kind and some believe that their gifts are God-given, which would also make these heroes divine.

Many is also a world of numerous Beasts and enormous Monsters, which roam and terrorise her lands as they please. Some have existed from the time of creation, such as the Great Giants, Dragons, Griffins and Sea Serpents. Others have risen out of the mire and can even challenge the beasts of old dominion over this world, like the Carnage, Wyverns and the Gressels. And then there are those things totally twisted by chaos into something utterly wicked and deadly, which are too hideous to describe.


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