The Three Plains Rulebook

Arrr… I thought you would find your way here eventually… Well this is the page where you can download the main rules for Three Plains the game.

But first a word about the game itself, before you dig into it. As you know already (if you read the site’s homepage) Three Plains is an old world fantasy tabletop wargame and plays similar to Fantasy Warhammer from Games Workshop, god rests its soul… So if you like that sort of game, you have come to the right place. If not, buckle yourself in kids, you’re in for some ‘Depth’, because Three Plains is not just a game you can pick up and play after browsing through the rules once. And if you have never heard of Warhammer Fantasy, google it.

For those who are still here and reading we should be all on the same page now.  Three Plains may be like Warhammer Fantasy, but it has its own gaming system, it’s scaled at 15mm instead of 25mm, and it’s more reliant on Units of Infantry and Cavalry tactics, rather than being character driven like I felt Fantasy was. Sometimes I wondered why the basic infantry and cavalry would turn up. They would just get munched on by overpowered characters and never seemed to do anything much themselves…

One last thing, with me saying the game has ‘Depth’, which is really just a nice way of me saying it’s complicated, I have written a Pick up and Play Version of the game. It’s only six pages long and you should be able to play a basic game from it. I strongly recommend you read through that first and even use it for your first game, only referring to the main rules when you have to. Then slowly you should naturally migrate over to the main rules once you have found your footing. Also checkout the Play Through, which takes you through step by step how a small game of Three Plains should be played from start to finish.

Btw, the main rules do not contain all the rules in the game. Each army has its own book containing their rules and points, which I call Army Lists and some call Codices. Each faction’s models can be found on their own army’s pages, along with their Army Lists, (Which are all coming soon as I rebuild up the site again. click HERE for more information).

Well that’s it from me, enjoy and have fun!



The Three Plains Main Rulebook V.3.8

Pick-up & Play Three Plains Rules V.0.5

Three Plains Play Through for V.0.4